Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding

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K - August 10

I know that they say br___t is best and nature provides etc....... But I really want to know what the difference is. I am highly educated and have read much research on the subject and am still a little skeptical. The people that I have known that have br___tfed have kids that are always sick! One of my girlfriends br___tfed her daughter for over a year and she is 6 now and always has some type of cold, flu, strep throat, ear infection, etc.... and she is also overweight. My sister also br___tfeeds and her son is very small for his age and he just seems like he never gets enough to eat. I guess I just want to hear from someone who has br___tfed their results. I have a 3 year old who was formula fed and is very healthy never sick and sooooo smart. I am thinking about trying it this time around.


BBK - August 10

Try this babycenter site. It's pretty compehensive. I shortened the URL:


BBK - August 10

Also try this one:


Anne - August 10

I wasn't able to b___stfeed my daughter. She never had any type of infection (i.e. ear infection etc) until the was 18 months old. My doctor was impressed. She's almost 7 now and has had very few infections.


miranda - August 10

Breastmilk is best, but nothing is a miracle food. Choices made after b___stfeeding, and inherited problems won't magically disappear if you b___stfeed, but the benefits are undeniable nonetheless.


starlyght 24 - August 11

Hi I b___stfed my son who is now 5 and my daughter who is now 3. I plan on b___stfeeding this baby also. My kids have not been unusually sick. They are not over weight at all. Breastfeeding also has benefits for you. You will lose your pregnancy weight a lot faster and the convience of b___stfeeding when you are out is great!! You dont have to mix it, warm it, etc lol. I just always made sure i had a light blanket with me all the time. Plus if you dont want to b___stfeeding in public you can always pump it when you know you will be going out. Pumping is also good if your s/o wants to feed the baby. I am not against formula feeding at all because I only b___stfed my son until he was 6 months old and my daughter was 4 months old they then went to formula feeding.


well - August 11

I mean, you can take a few examples from your life and think it means something (so and so is smarter, etc.) but the professionals are unanimous on this one and this is after a lot of research and time spent on the subject. Breast feeding is better. Plain and simple. If you can, you should.


Mary - August 11

I am scared of breasfeeding from watchimg my mom's bleeding nipples when she b___stfed my little sister (9 yrs younger). However, puttin aside the heath benefits, it must be awesome to see your little one focusing on your face , eyes glued on yours when he/she b___stfeeds. Does a bottle come on the way or become a distraction from such awesome bonding?


just to add - August 11

i agree with well, but would like to add if you can't that's fine too. We're not calling you bad mothers if you choose not to. I think some people feel attacked when someone says one thing is better than another. Esp when that person is doing the other. That's not the case ( at least from my pro b___stfeeding view). I tried it because I believe it is best but it just wasn't for me. I am thankful that I had a safe and healthy alternative.


~E~ - August 11

Well... I was b___stfed for three years! I know it's a long time...but my mom said I would not eat anything else... hehe...yummy! I am pretty healthy (aside from the occasional cold)...never broken a bone...never had any serious illness. I am definitely not overweight... honestly, I don' t care too much for food (and that's coming from a preg. woman)... I eat when I am hungry, but I have a hard time stuffing myself and overeating...yuck! I also have a strong jawline...and that's from all the suckling I did...LOL! I think b___stfeeding is great...and I had always planned on b___stfeeding my child and will soon. It is the way nature intended...and we should trust nature more often!!


BBK - August 11

You can always do both till you get enough of a supply. In the first couple of weeks we gave our daughter formula after the b___stfeeding to fill her up..... especially before the night sleep. Now she gets full on b___stfeeding alone and dislikes the taste of formula. We sneak an ounce or so of formula in after she b___stfeeds and she's almost asleep :-) Point being that if you don't have enough milk the first few days/weeks give your baby both, and keep pumping to get a good supply (takes about 2 weeks). Also don't get discouraged if you have nothing the first couple of days. Colostrum is hard to see, we actually had to look for it with a bright lamp. Mary, my wife says that just by seeing the baby cry she feels the pressure of the milk on her chest. Also use lanolin cream to avoid bleeding. ~E~ I just tasted formula a couple of days ago and the flavor and smell are awful, especially Enfamil! Good luck to all!


K - August 11

What about the mom? I am curious as to how often you have to b___stfeed and is it painful? Do you get any sleep?


Maleficent - August 11

b___stfeeding has a big payoff for moms too. new research shows that nursing lowers the risk of b___st cancer, and several other female cancers. my first baby was formula fed, my second nursed. both kids are smart, healthy, and i'm not "more bonded" to one over the other. (but my nursling was much easier to calm as an infant.) personally i strongly preferr b___stfeeding. it was much easier (and cheaper!) for me than formula. any mom who chooses to nurse has my full support. but in the long run, i've never seen an ivy league application that asks how long you were b___stfed. so long as baby is loved and nurtured you really can't screw it up.


BBK - August 11

Pain for mom: With my wife the pain lasted for about 6 days or so. The baby would move her head right and left quickly and grab on to the nipple with quite a bit of force, to the point that we checked her for teething. My wife would scream (quietly) and tap her foot. (This is a woman who can wax herself in one shot BTW). Her b___sts felt pressure as she describes it, but they were also in pain in the first 10 days or so. Pumping the milk helped her nipples recover and the pain went away. After that it became routine. Now the baby still does the same "shark-like" move to latch on, but it doesn't hurt her anymore. Baby feeds every 3 hours on average, but sleeps 6 to 7 hours at night. I won't lie to you though, the first few days it was pretty bad, but now it's really good and the baby is fattening up well.


K - August 11

What about pumping? Can you just pump from the beginning? Do you have to start from the b___st?


to K - August 11

Yup you can pump from the beginning, this is what I had to do because my baby was in NICU.


BBK - August 11

K, you can pump only if you want. In fact we have a frriend who does just that because her baby cannot latch on. The downside of course is that you have to worry about storage, bottle cleaning, and reheating the milk etc. From the b___st it's easier, most of the time, and if your baby is as impatient as ours, you'll easily realize how convenient is to just stick the b___st in front of her face there and quiet her up. Babies pack lots of sound in a small package! :-)



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