Health Freak Stressing Out Over Weight Gain

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KEL - April 6

Question: I had my 16 week appt today and I'v gained almost 20 pound. The funny part is I don't look like I've gained that much. My family and coworkers can not believe it. I am 5'7 and prepreg weight ranged from 141-144 and athletic. I always worked out 6 days a week for about an hour and I currently work out 5-6 days a week (not as intense). I eat healthy and I don't over indulge in junk food. I'm really confused and worried how heavy I will get and how difficult it may to lose the weight. ANy advice? Also, twins run in my family and I'm wonderfing if by a long shot this could explain the rapid gain.


monica - April 6

have you had an u/s yet? or heard the baby heart beat? this should help to see if you are having twins. What does your doctor say?


JLorenzo - April 6

Kel, my wife gained most of her weight in the beginning. She has leveled off after week 30...she is now in week 35 and only gaining incremental amounts each week.


~m~ - April 6

Sounds like you are in great shape. Don't worry about the weight gain with all you are doing to prevent unhealthy weight gain. It's just baby weight, and with as fit as you must be, my guess is the weight will just FALL off as soon as the baby gets here! Do you hear the jealousy in my voice? LOL Really, though, the more fit you are pre-pregnancy, the easier it is for you lose it afterward. I'm sure there are exceptions, but for the most part, I think that is true. With my first one, I was in super shape when I got pregnant. Worked out all the time, ate right, etc. I still gained 40+ pounds. But it melted right off in the first 2 weeks. People were amazed. With my 2nd one, I wasn't in near the shape I was the first time. I gained less weight, but it was so much harder to get it off. I never did get back where I was, but I'm working on that now before my next baby... if I'm lucky enough to be blessed with #3! Best of luck!


Martie - April 6

Kel- no kidding..I am at 8 weeks, and was a pretty avid runner, about 138 at 5'8". Since my Doctor said no running, I have been trying to keep up with hour long walks,but just not the same. Because I am discouraged about the 8 lbs I have already gained, I tend to do even less other excercise (weights or stretching). I keep hoping that perhaps I have had some early weight gain, but will slow down here for a couple months. I've never grown out of my clothes before. yikes!!


kenya mama - April 6

hey. sounds like you have nothing to worry about. if you are doing everything right, the weight gain is natural. the placenta, uterus, amniotic fluid, etc. weigh a min. of 25lb, so you are doing great! if you are in good shape and continue to exercise, it shouldn't be too hard for you to lose the weight afterwards. i was back in my pre-preg. jeans at my son's 6wk appt.


Kel - April 6

Monica, I go for an u/s in two weeks. I've heard the heartbeat. I wonder about twins. My dad is a twin. Everyone else, thank you for your response. You've all made me feel better and to realize that I'm doing the right thing and that I'm trying to maintain my health. I am so thankful for this wonderful website. Much luck to everyone!



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