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Heidi - September 15

I'm just curious what everyone pays for deductibles on their insurance and what their premiums are a month. Right now I'm single and have 100% coverage through my employer, minus a $15 office co-pay which I only paid once during all my prenatal visits and my hospital stay is supposedly covered 100%. The kicker is once the baby is born I have to kick out $300 a month for family insurance through my employer. Now it's great insurance. Like I said, $15 a visit and of course we have a prescription co-pay that's okay I guess. I was considering getting her on her own policy once she's 6 weeks old but I'd have to pick a deductible but even a $500 deductible cuts my premium in half compared to my employer insurance, and it's the same insurance! I hate how they rate employee insurance. You basically pay for all the older people with health problems. Once I get her own policy I can drop back down to single coverage and mine would be free again. I'm just curious how good/bad other people's insurances are through their employer or private insurance. I wish we had it set up like Canada where everyone gets taxed for it and you all get the same coverage. I know some families that really struggle and can't even afford insurance but yet they make too much to get state assistance. I'm single and I make too much to even qualify, even for WIC.


... - September 15



Steph - September 15

My insurance sucks. My office co-pays are $15 which is fine and my employer pays for my coverage so that's good also. What sucks is that the deductible is $750 and you have to pay 80% of all diagnostic testing if you cross over the $350 mark, which can easily be done with x-rays or an MRI. Anyways, we can only go to the doctor (besides being pregnant) six times per year and if you go more than that, you have to pay 40% of the visit. It's the c___ppiest plan ever.



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