Hear About Arkansas Women Giving Birth To 16th Child

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Wow! - October 12

Has anyone heard about the Arkansas women giving birth Tuesday to her 16th child? Holy c__p! If not there is a page about her on Yahoo! News her name is Mich__le Duggar.


ty - October 12

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/05/25/national/main619545.shtml Scientist should extract her DNA and study it! I guess she belong to SuperBreeder club.


ally - October 12

Haven't heard about it. Do they have tv in arkansas haha. Imagine that pain 16 times over, yikes. I complain occasionally on how hard it can be and i have one baby, that lady would live at the sink and the washing machine in my opinion and of course cooking...... No thanks


N - October 12

NO WAY!! I watched a show about that family (the duggar's).. it was called "14... and pregnant again!" I think it was done early 2004. They believe in something called quiverful I think. I have been waiting to hear if they will have anymore children. I never could have fathomed having that many children before I watched that show. WOW is all I have to say. Amazingly they have it more together financially than alot couples their age with no kids! I can't help but wonder how many children they will eventually have....


Leigh - October 12

I personally admire a woman sticking so hard to her religious convictions. It's easy for people to poke fun at her, then condone women who have abortions...I just believe that they are amazing people. They obviously afford their children (look at their house), love each other and are enjoying life. Good for them!


elizabeth - October 13

I did not know they would have another baby THIS soon, i hurd getting pregnant again and again close together could cause serious damages to your body, i wonder how she feels not being pregnant, because rareley she never is, i mean no affence because i think its great also cause thats their religion. Its wonderfull how she got married at the age of 17 and had stayed with the same man, because of so young of age you dont see that much anymore in this world. i think 1 is enough, thinking of 16, i would just fall over, they are a great strong family. good luck to them!!!


Beth S - October 13

wow i dont know how women like that do it. i always look at women with 3 and cant imagine how hard that is let alone 16!!!


~michelle~ - October 13

ally, I'm from Arkansas, and yes we have TV...... we just don't have shoes.... LOL! 16 kids, my goodness. Hey, if they've got the room, money, and love, more power to them. But I'm pregnant with baby # 3, and my tubes are getting snipped after my C-section! By the way, they are from the BEST part of Arkansas. Beautiful place to live with excellent schools! Good place to raise kids.


c - October 13

she get one vacation a year.a stay at the hospital


Laura - October 13

That woman is amazing! Here family picture is beautiful. I could not imagine the craziness at that house. Good luck to that family. They all look so happy.


sad - October 13

Did you guys see the show about that family? Those kids work from morning til night cooking, cleaning, and caring for other children. They all have lists of chores and a "buddy" brother or sister that they are responsible for. In their spare time the kids are helping the Dad build the new family home. I feel sorry for them.


MeM - October 13

http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&ncid=1756&e=1&u=/051012/480/ardj10110121712 heres a pic and alink to the story


BONUS - October 13

The parents aren't 1st cousins!


WHY? - October 13

Time for some population control. That's ridiculous. If they were poor, people would be reaming in to the couple. How about we take care of the children already in this world who are hungry instead of popping out 15 kids. Come on it's 2005.


MM - October 13

I guess recently she was interviewed with some guy and he asked her why so many kids. She said this is what God ment for us PLUS I love children. The guys response to that was " I like cigars too but I take them out of my mouth every once in a while". That was a perfect comment if you ask me. I think this lady and her husband are crazy and I too think it is sad. It is almost like they keep having the kids to get a "buddy" for their youngest child. Crazy and Stupid if you ask me


M - October 13

The parents are first cousins???? no way, well it is in Arkansas, lol


Steph - October 13

I think that having this many children is ridiculous...you keep having children because it's God's plan and cause you like them? Worthless answer if you ask me. I want to know how she can be an effective parent and give all of her children the time and attention that they need from their "parents" not their "buddy" brothers and sisters. This world is overpopulated enough and having 16 children is unnecessary. I would bet my life that they have some type of medical a__sistance through the state....because no one could afford to continualy pay to have children, hosptial stays, prenatal visits..etc. I would also like to know how they can afford clothes, a house, food, normal necessities to run their household on a real estate agent's salary? It just does not make any sense to me and I feel badly for those kids.



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