Hearbeat And Miscarriage

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Sarah Mae - July 6

I am 10 wks. pregnant and I just heard the heartbeat yesterday when I had went to my doctor's appt. I just wanted to know what's the possibility of having a miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat?


ls - July 6

You can hear the heartbeat, but since your still in the first trimester, there is still a chance of miscarriage. Not to alarm you, but it still happens to some women. Your body will know if something is wrong and will usually "take care" of things for you. Keep yourself stress-free as much as possible, don't overwork yourself and eat healthy and you should be fine (and your little one!). Congratulations!


Karen - July 6

I would not worry too much. If there was a problem the doc would let you know before hand. I sure your ok. Congrats you have 30 weeks to go


Molly - July 6

Most doctor's say that once you hear a h/b on a doppler or see a h/b on an u/s, your chances of m/c are greatly reduced.. think it goes from 15-20% to less than 10%.. Congratulations!


c - July 6

i had a v____al u/s last week when i was 6 weeks and we saw the heartbeat. the doctor said that by seeing it, it drops the miscarriage rate down to 5%. good luck!


Lissi - July 6

Try not to worry about it. It can happen to anyone at any time, but you're nearly out the danger zone. Congrats and good luck.


Sarah Mae - July 6

Thanx....I also heard that I'm out of the danger zone once I hit my second trimester which is 12 wks. I think, but then again I've heard of ppl who had a miscarriage then too. I don't know, I guess I'm just worried b/c this is my 1st pregnancy and I don't want anything to go wrong.


R - July 6

c, that doesn't make sense. can you explain that? the risk of miscarriage is still the same if the baby has a heartbeat b/c miscarriage can happen at any time for any reason.


Karen - July 7

Sarah Mae I know how you feel this is my second pregnancy , my first lasted 6 weeks and ended in a miscarriage. So with this one I was on nerves for the first three months and like you I worried in the second. Now in my third I worry about delivery. So in short it does not stop. When ever I start to worry I say a prayer and it really helps me. I have gone from praying 3 times a day to (really cant say) ....... cause the worrying never ends. Dont stress it is not good for the baby. Just take your vitiams and trust all will be well. Further more they are stronger than we think......


Sarah Mae - July 7

Worrying for me just won't stop. Early this morning I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and I bled red blood (kinda heavy only when I wiped though) with a small clot and then that was it, no cramping or anything. I stopped bleeding right then and there and now I don't know what to think. That just confused me even more. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow.....


C - July 7

R, my doctor told me that since he saw the heartbeat, it drops the rate of having a miscarriage down to a 5% chance. Yes, you can still have one, but the chances are lowered. I've heard this from other pregnant women as well who's doctor told them the same thing. There is always a chance of a miscarriage even after the see or hear the heartbeat, but the chances are lower then if the hadn't seen or heard it.


Karen - July 7

Sarah Mae the fact that your bleeding red blood with coths have me concern. That is how my miscarriage started . I dont mean to make your worry, but I would call the doc and let them know what is happening



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