Hearbeat Sex Of Baby

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KJ - January 12

They say a heartbeat of 150 or faster is a girl and if below a boy. How many people has this wives tail actually worked?


krista - January 12

well i personally dont think it does , my mid wife told my by the heart beat it was a girl with a 148 pulse and its a bioy so , also when my mother was preg. with me the told her the whole time she was having a boy cuz i had a slow heart rate and well i am a girl so shows how much that tells


IANSMOMMY05 - January 13

my babies heartbeat was 143 at my last dr appt and it is a boy


lorna harding - January 31

I am aware that a babies hearbeat at a certain time in pregnancy can distinguish its s_x. What are the guidelines and bandings for this. Is a boy faster than a girl or the other way around. I am curious to know what the rate tells you


Bigbelly#2 - January 31

Not me!! My son's heart beat always was said to sound like a girl's. With this baby, the heartbeat is staying right in the mid-range......we are waiting for the surprise on gender.......and he/she certainly isn't showing us any indication one way or the other this time!!


dee - January 31

hey my son's heart beat was always in the 160's and my doctor told me that the higher the # the better chance it's a boy and now i have a cute little 7 month old son!!! :)~


1st time mom - February 27

There is no true way to tell by the heartbeat. The heartbeat slows and speeds up determining what you ate what your doing etc....When i eat something my baby wakes up and its heartbeat reaches 175 sometimes and when its sleeping its between 125 and 145. It's not true. I wish there was some way to tell though. My ultrasound showed the baby with the umbilical cord all between it's legs we couldn't tell anything and I can't wait to find out now it's driving me nuts. I want to know so I don't have a unis_x shower but Im a wk away from my 3rd trimester and wish I could find out soon. I guess I'll try and schedule one on tues. at my next appt.



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