Heart Beat 165 You Think Boy Or Girl

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Johnna - February 28

I was just wondering my baby's heart beat is 165 I was just wondering if you think the baby is a boy or a girl.


AshleyB - February 28

Congratulations Johnna, I got your email. That's great, glad everything is going well. Things are ok here, I'm in the 2ww. I'll be testing Saturday. Wish me luck. As far as telling boy or girl, I heard it's kinda a wive's tale that you you can tell that way, but not sure though. HOw many weeks are you now?


dbowerman - February 28

hi dont know if its just a wivestale but mine was 162 and im having a girl!


Drew - February 28

Mine is usually in the 125-130 range and she's a girl! The nurses on ldr told me this old wives tale usually isn't that accurate until your actually in labour. Who knows!! :)


Johnna - February 28

Ya I heard it was just a old wise tale too. And I think it is too because sometimes it always is different. I am 11 Weeks and 4 days along.


jas - February 28

Only the u/s can tell for sure! That old wives tale has been disproven soooo many times!!! Don't fall for it!


Bee99 - February 28

Iv had 3 girls heart beats all differebt 135 150 and 143 this 1 is 150 Iv also heard that it is the heart beat during labour but we found out 2 with an ultrasound was shown the lines that make a girl a girl this time different tech told me he thinks girl but legs were crossed but couldnt see anything there I was 18 weeeks then I read that the absence of the p___s should not be uesed to tell the s_x of baby, Has anyone been told the s_x by the absence of the p___s??


Gem - March 1

Girl if the tale is right.


Jewell24 - March 1

I'd say it's a just a tale. My baby's heart beats gone from 130 all the way to 165 on different appointments. The OB said it's good to see a good range shows the baby has activity times(when the beats high) and rest times when the beats low.


Tess - March 1

Im having a baby girl due in May and her hb ever since was right around 150. When I had my 2nd u/s her hb was right around 160 plus but then now that Im in my 3rd tri. her's has been steady 150.


lynnstress - March 2

Yes. Defintely one or the other! :) We were told at the level 2 u/s at 20 weeks that it was a boy. We all saw the boy parts! His hb was always around 150. Several appointments later, one of the dr's at my clinic was listening to the hb and said would you like to know the s_x? I said we already do. He said according to that day's hb he thought girl. It's a boy.



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