Heart Murmur And Pregnancy

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LILY - March 8



Allie - March 8

I have a heart murmur (diagnosed several years ago with Mitrol Valve Prolapse), and am 9 weeks into my first pregnancy - my dr's (including a cardiologist) all have told me from the beginning that it shouldn't cause any problem w/pregnancy. As long as the echo shows that your murmur is "innocent" as they say, you should not be concerned at all.


beth - March 8

i have had a murmur since birth and the only effect it will have on this pregnancy is when i go into labor, they have to put me on a lot of meds


Ruth - May 2

I am 25 weeks into my pregnancy, my doctor found a heart murmur on my last visit, I never haad one before, is this serious?


Elizabeth - May 3

I have a heart murmur also. I take an antibiotic every time I have my teeth cleaned and things like that. They may put you on one during delivery. Otherwise it should not be harmful during pregnancy, It is best however to have it looked at through ultra-sound initially so that they can determine the source of the murmur and the severity. Most murmurs are harmless. Good luck!


Stacey - May 3

I have MVP (mitral valve prolapse) with an irregular heartbeat. My doctor told me is should not be a problem during pregnancy, but he would give me antibotics during labor


TehProgamer - May 3

errrr, sorry for being idiotic but what's a heart murmur?


Beccah - May 4

What does a heart murmur feel like? Ever since I found out I was pregnant, (i'm 9 weeks now) I have felt like my heart is skipping a beat. At first it would happen every couple of days and now it's a couple times an hour. It's hard to explain what it feels like, and I'm not even sure if it's my heart exactly (it's just in the same area). I meant to ask about it at my last Dr. appointment, but I was so amazed at my first ultrasound that I forgot. Should I make another appt?


Lori - August 4

I was diagnosed with a heart murmur at age 13(very unusual since you have a murmur since birth). I am now 19 and in 9 weeks I will be having my first child. Just as the others have said, I will be given antibiotics during labor. My murmur really doesn't affect me, but suddenly since my doctor received my cardiology reports, he has scheduled several more ultrasounds now. Unless you have trouble with shortness of breath or have chest pains, I believe you will do fine.


Stephani - September 20

I am at 10 weeks and I was diagnosed today with a heart murmur. This is caused by the body's compensation for the amount of blood that the uterus needs. Basically it means the heart is working harder. It goes away after pregnancy and poses no threat to you or the baby.


To Lily - September 22

How far into your pregnancy are you? I am actually having an echo today. I am only about 6 weeks. Not sure if its caused by the pregnancy or not. I am a nurse and know that pregnancy can cause murmurs because of the increase in blood volume and flow to the fetus. Though I am unsure that they can be detected this early in pregnancy. I am a newly graduated RN so I am not an expert or anything! At the time the doctor heard the murmur for the first time I would have been considered about almost 4 weeks. (Although I took a pregnancy test that day and it came back negative)???


jessica - September 22

I am currently 19 wks along. I have a very abnormal heart murmur which causes my breathing to be a little more difficult than most peoples. My cardiologist says that everything will be fine. I find my self out of breath after I eat, or run up the stairs. But I feel that if the doctor tells you it will be fine than it will. If you feel out of breath more than normal don't worry because pregnancy makes you like that anyways.



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