Heart Palpitations

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???????? - March 17

has anyone ever had heart palpitations? I am ten weeks along and get them every now and then.


klm - March 17

I have had them my whole life, I had them checked out & they were no big deal. I would have your doctor check it though, just to be safe.


Heather - March 18

I have had heart palps for about 11 years. I have been on medication for a little over 5 years for them. It is a hereditary thing that my mother, grandmother, sister & I all have. Once I became pg I had to stop taking them because the meds are growth inhibitors. The dr said that with the increased blood flow it should compensate for the lack of medication. If you are just getting them during your pregnancy I would call the doctor. How often are you experiencing them and how severe? Is it something you feel faintly or is it a POUNDING in your chest?


???????? - March 18

It is like a pounding. It started a week ago.


Heather - March 18

Do you actually feel your heart stop for about one beat and then pound real hard when it starts again?


Hayley - March 18

I have heart palpitations too but they are linked to my panic disorder and anxiety. I too have been extremely worried as I don't want them to affect my baby in any way. My midwife said it was ok as babies are extremely resilient in the womb. It's just us that have to put up with them unfortunately. Good luck!


Heidi - March 18

I have had them too this last week and I'm 9 wks. I thought maybe it was from the pop I was drinking as I do have a can once in a while. Or anxiety. It was getting really annoying but it comes and goes.


Heather - March 18

Do you have then when you are sitting still or laying down or is it when you're up and moving around or active? It makes a big difference.


Amanda - April 8

Hi. I am 6 weeks and I get them sometimes when running up the stairs or like today,they started first thing in the am. It feels like I had too much coffee, but I gave up all of that stuff before I got pregnant. I am a little worried about it. I would bring it up to the doc or midwife. good luck! good health!


lily - April 19

Hi sweety i'm 10 weeks i i suffer from panic attacks so i'm constanly on heart palpitations and they are reallly bad to the point that i feel that i'm going to dye is a horrible feeling.


Ruby - April 22

Have you had your iron checked? You could be low in iron.


Sam - April 22

Most likely it's normal. In pregnancy, your blood volume increases by 50% so your heart has to work extra hard to compensate for it. I've got a genetic thing called atrial fibrillation or a/f. My whole family's got it. On top of that, with pregnancy, i've aquired mild tachychardia. Just means my heart will beat too fast for no reason and then go back to the regular heart beat. I'm 15 weeks and have had 2 EKG's and a Holter monitor. Sounds serious, but my doctor is just being cautious. You might want to just let your doc know what your feeling. There are a great many things that can cause palps.


Amanda - May 19

When I found out I was pregnant at 12 weeks I was having tachycardia (130bpm). I started having a noticable heart beat in my throat and chest area occasionally through out my pregnancy. I wore a holter monitor over night and nothing was said about it by my OB/GYN. Now that I am 32 weeks I have them about 6 times a minute. Sometimes I am just sitting down watching TV. Should I be concerned?


Kelly - May 19

I have had palpitations which were caused by being anemic. Since anemia is common in early pregnancy, I would have my hemoglobin checked (if it has not been tested already). The doc can put you on iron to help. Also, try eating red meat. Eating foods w/ iron is even better than taking the iron pills. I hope this helps :)


lauren - September 14

i have been getting them everyday and lots of them i am 4 weeks along and they scare me


Amy - September 14

i have been getting them to at first i got them along time ago and they said it was axsity (sp) but i just started to get them again it feels like my heart is beating really fast and hard is that how yours feel it only lasts about 1min if even but i sometimes even feel faint but it seems that if i take a deep breath it will get back on track i'm 17wks 4d:)


SuZ - September 15

I get heart palpitations, but i have Mitral Valve Prolapse and it is related to that. You would be better off getting the doc to check it out just to make sure everything is alright, but it could just be cos you are anxious or nervous or stressed?



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