Heart Shaped Uterus Do I Need Special Care

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sam - June 12

I found out at my last visit by ultra sound that I have a bicornate uterus (heart shaped) We saw the baby and heart beat so at the time I was reassured but I'm now 8w 5d preg. I didn't get to see my real doc only the u/s nurse and a counseler so I have so many ques about it and don't know if I need extra care from a specialist. I'm nervous b/c my stomach has been cramping all weekend. I need help! My sister had this same abnormality and miscarried last year.


Tanya - June 12

Hi also have a heart shaped uterus and have a healthy 3 year old and am 8 1/2 months pregnant. My pregnancies have been fine . I did have c sec but_thad nothing to do with my heart shaped uturus. I did have a miiscariiage with a prenancy prior to my first, but that was not related to my uterus. At 20 weeks prenant with this pregnancy I saw a specialist and had a level two ultrasound done. he confirmed the heart shape and said that sometimes the conditon would possibbly be a reason for the baby mgiht not go full term but in my case and most not a reason to worry.


sam to tanya - June 12

thank you for responding, I want this baby so much and I guess i'm more nervous b/c my sisters miscarriage. My b___st aren't sore anymore though and I'm losing other symptoms the past couple days. Is this normal or could it be a sign of miscarriage. I'm only 8wks preg.


Cr - June 12

My mom also had a heart shaped uterus. She actually had some surgery on it, well reconstructive surgery. After the surgery she had maybe I think two miscarriages and then my sister and I. I am 8 weeks pregnant as well but my uterus is fine. I pray my sisters is as well. I don't know if you would want to talk to your doctor about that surgery?


Lissi - June 13

Sam, lots of us have had symptoms that come and go. It happened to me at about 8 weeks too, but they came back after a week. Don't worry. I think it's normal for symptoms to fluctuate.



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