Heartbeat And Sex Of Baby

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~m~ - November 10

I have heard that "old wives tale" about higher heartbeats meaning girls, lower BPM meaning boys. I realize there is no hard proof to prove this. I was just wanting to know for fun what your baby's heartbeat was, and the s_x of that baby. I have 2 boys and both always were around 135-140 the whole pregnancy. I had a 10 week ultrasound yesterday and baby's heartbeat was in the 175-180 range. So it sparked my interest.


amb - November 10

hey ~m~ i just had my sono and all along the babys heartbeat was in the 150 range and they said this one is most likely a girl. so i dont know!


~m~ - November 10

Hey amb! Congrats on the "most likely" baby girl! I really want a girl this time. How far along are you?


amb - November 10

i am 20 weeks and am due between march 31st and april 2nd. who knows! lol i was hoping for a boy this time around BUT i am so happy everything is fine and healthy. I was thinking about finding a 3d-4d sonogram place in az and see how much they are and go there to get a second opinion LOL


Anne - November 10

I'm having a girl and a boy (fraternal twins) and the boys heartbeat is usually in the 150's while my girl is in the 140's. I wouldn't rely on the old wives tale....


~m~ - November 10

Congrats on the twins Anne! I wouldn't say I'm actually relying on it, but it is always fun to hear other's experiences. My heart is aching for a baby girl, so sometimes I find myself grasping at straws! LOL But my rational side keeps my emotions in check.


Nicole - November 10

My doc told me that you cant even go by that till you are 30+ wks


Jodie - November 10

Im having a boy and his heart rate is always above 150


Lynn - November 10

I'm having a boy and everytime that I have his heartbeat check that always say around 140-150


M.A. - November 10

My daughter's heartbeat was 160 the whole time. This one's heartbeat was 160 until I had my 17 week ultrasound. Then it was 154. And he's a boy!


Lia - November 11

Hey ~m~, first of all, a big fat CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! I was so happy to see you on here again. You were extremely supportive of me last Spring when I had a m/c, and I appreciate it very much. I'm pulling for you, and I hope you get your sweet little girl. AnyHOO (smile), I'm 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, and the lowest her heart rate has ever been is 150. That was also the case with my first daughter. I know there probably isn't any validity to this, but you are right, it IS fun. Good luck, Sweetie! And I hope you are feeling better with the nausea. Can you brush your tongue yet?! LOL.


Lia - November 11

To amb: Where in Arizona are you? I'm in Phoenix and know of a few 3D/4D ultrasound places. I saw one for like $75 for gender determination/confirmation. I too was certain I was having a boy, but was told at 21 weeks it is a girl. I'm happy about it of course, but wonder how right they are. I don't want to be surprised in the delivery room! Good luck with your pregnancy and take care!! (sorry ~m~, didn't mean to steal your thunder, just excited to see someone else from AZ!)


Lisa - November 11

I am having a girl and her heart rate is 155bmp! The heartbeat on your baby is very high; I read and was told my doctor that the normal heart rate for a baby is between 126-160...


Lisa - November 11



liz - November 11

No strictly an old wives tale. Both my babies have had very high heart beats 165-180 and they were both boys


~m~ - November 11

Thanks for sharing everyone! Even though there isn't enough "research and evidence" to support the validity of this, I still like to hear other stories! I'm enough of a dreamer that I tend to keep hope!!! :o) I guess since my boys were so low, and this one is so high. Everything about this pregnancy is different, actually! You ladies with daughters send me some girly baby dust! LOL ........... and Lia, big fat congrats to you too girl!!!! It's good to see that things are working out for you! And you are not stealing my thunder! I know it's cool to find someone from the same area. So chat away AZ girl! Oh, and I have started doing this quick swipe across my tongue. Still not thorough, but at least it does get some toothbrush exposure now. I'm not as much of a yuckmouth. LOL


d - November 18

my first baby's heartbeat was 180 (it was a girl) and my second baby's heartbeat was 150 and i do not know the s_x of this baby, probably a boy..



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