Heartbeat Indicate Boy Or Girl

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Heather - May 4

Just wondering I have had 2 u/s now and I dont know what the baby is but I wanted to know if the heartbeat is a sign if you are having a boy or a girl. The heartbeat was 156 last time and now 155, What do you think?


tehProgamer - May 4

i read sometime ago that it is a myth that gender of the baby can be dertermined with its hearbeat, try having a u/s >.^


BBK - May 4

With odds as high as 50% people tend to get carried away with these "predictions". In reality none of that stuff is accurate, and only ultrasound increases your odds dramatically.


penny - May 4

Heather, if you want to play the odds....they say if its higher then 140 or 150 it's a girl, below that it's a boy.....but........my first US it was 166, the 2nd one at 16 weeks went down to 141.......it's not 100% but pretty sure from the US it's a girl.....I go back on May 20th of my 20 week US and we'll try to determine for sure. Hope that helps.....(don't ever count on anything, because they are just Myths) :)


nelly - May 4

i am having a girl and her heartbeat is always between 150 and 160 my sister is having a boy and his heartbeat is always in the 140's


Carolyn - May 4

A friend of mine told me that over 140 is a girl and below 140 is a boy. I have 2 boys and their heartbeats were both over 140. Knowing the s_x of the baby from the heartbeat is a total myth.


lily - May 4

i already have a boy so i wanted a girl and in my first sonogram the babis heart rate was 156 so i thought it would be a girl but today they told me that i'm having a boy they so it in the sonogram and i saw it too and the heart bit was 160, so good luck


jenn - May 5

well like the others i have read that higher heart beat is a sign that its a girl... but thats a very vauge way of determining. some say that you shouldnt even trust the us. i had to have an amnio done so i know for sure through chromosomes that im having a girl. by the way her heart beat is usually at about the 140s to 150s whenever i go to the dr. hope you get what you desire



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