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Tigerphoenix - March 15

Its driving me crazy! I get it so bad that it makes me feel more nateous than normal. Is there anything I can take to help it?


Kelly K - March 15

Tums will be your best friend for the next 9 months. I take extra strength on the days it gets really bad.


Rachel* - March 15

I had it so bad for a couple weeks of my first trimester and nothing seemed to help. One day I took more than the recommended dosage of rolaids (by accident) and suffered from an upset stomach for three days. Then I decided to cut back on the citric acid in my diet (grapefruits, oranges, orange juice) and it has decreased significantly. I don't know if it is because of the changes in my diet or not, but every time I have an orange I have to be sure to have some rolaids on hand.


Jenn... - March 15

I don't get heartburn, but really bad acid indegestion. I always have my tums handy, they are also a great way to get a little extra calcium.


Rachel* - March 15

Isn't heartburn and acid indigestion the same thing?


kay - March 15

how soon did you experience heartburn...


Kelly K - March 15

It started around week 4 for me. I was really bad during week 6 but is now starting to ease up.


Jenn... - March 15

Rachel...honestly I don't know. is it really? I never experienced it before I got pregnant, but when I told my doctor about it he said sounds like acid indegestion...take some tums.


jennifer - July 5

During my first pregnancy I ate tums all the time, and they really helped. I know this sounds gross but I used to belch alot also, and it helped my indegestion and heartburn. I can not stand tums anymore now cause I ate them so much in my first pregnancy. In this pregnancy I have been drinking ginger tea (ginger aid is the brand) I put it on ice and drink it as a cool drink it helps me out alot. good luck, and congrats on the baby!


Beth S - July 5

i think ive tried every trick in the book but no matter what my heartburn always came back..now im 33 weeks and dont get it as much but still do. i just try to live with it which really stinks


m - July 6

my heartburn has just been awful, too. Yesterday I got so distraught about it that I called the doctors office and complained to the nurse that Tums just isn't cutting it. I need some real relief. It's ruining my appet_te, which isn't good for baby, and it's just plain making me tired and nauseous. SO - doc said to take a Zantac 75. I ran straight to the store and bought a pack. Took one pill, and WOW... I FINALLY got REAL relief. Not just a cover up, REAL relief. I actually felt normal again in my upper abdomen. I even enjoyed my dinner and couldn't believe no heartburn came on. Later in the evening I felt hungry again! So we baked a frozen pizza, and again - NO heartburn! What a relief. I've tried it all, from Tums to cold milk to almonds. This is the only real relief I've experienced. I highly recommend asking your doc about Zantac if your heartburn is bringing you down.


b - July 6



P - July 6

eat almonds



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