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Nicole - October 30

I was wondering if anyone had any good heartburn remidies? THe last two weeks I have been having killer heartburn im 5 and a half months pregnant I can usually figure out what gives it too me but by that time it is too late and i am misserable for the rest of the day tums i have to take at least 6 to get it to calm down milk helps for about 30 minutes or so and then its right back if any one can help it would be greatly appreciated!!!


Beth S - October 30

I lived on mylanta and that helped a little. Hate to tell you but with me it only got worse nomatter what i ate or drank. actually at one point it got soo bad i had to sleep with like 3 or 4 pillows to keep me sitting up


Jamie - October 30

I lived on Tums. Mine got better the day I delivered, if that helps...;)


Lindsay - October 30

i had it soo bad around 25 weeks and milk only made it worse and tums did NOTHING. I actually found that drinking some pepsi or something that makes u burp helps and so did sour foods...i feel your pain and i know its the WORST!


M.F - October 31

Im 28 weeks preg and man have been getting bad heartburn.I drink sips of milk that works for me and also helped my lil sister who was preg and just had her baby she gave me the thanks for it try it it might work for you too ..GOOD LUCK!


me - October 31

teaspoon of baking soda, plug your nose and swallow! tastes horrible, but worked for me!


M.A. - October 31

I lived on Tums last time, but they don't help anymore. Now I'm living on Rolaids. Nothing else helps, except a little ice cream(sometimes).


?? - October 31

Has anyone noticed that you get heartburn or nausea more when your baby is moving? Or is it my imagination? I start feeling nausous, then I feel a tiny flutter or so. I think I'm starting to notice the difference in the baby & my normal bodily functions now.


Hickup - October 31

Zantac is safe to take. It works very good. Take a Zantac and pop a Tums in and you should be good to go!


Mary - November 1

on the last trimester I started taking Cimetidine (tagamet) - 200 mg first thing in the morning - 1/2 hour before foods with a full gla__s of water. Eating small portions is very helpful, too.



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