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ker - December 12

Hi, I heard my baby's heartrate first at 14 weeks, it was in the 140's, next at 18 weeks and it was in the 120's, I've heard that heartrate can predict gender, if it's above 140 it would be a girl and below 140 it would be a boy. Does this theory hold true for anyone? Has anyone had a low fetal heartrate and still had a girl?


Hmm.... - December 12

My girl's heartrate was always 160. Now I'm having a boy. His was 160 until October. Then, 154, and lower in November, and now his heartrate is 140. I've always heard the higher, the more chances it's a girl, and the lower, the more chances it's a boy. Never really believed it until now.


Tess - December 12

Im not sure yet on what Im having but 1st time we heard the baby's heartbeat in the fetal doppler.....My Dr. forgot to tell me. 2nd, time it was 150 bpm. So yeah Im not sure either if this theory is true. I have my feelings that Im carrying a girl though.


Bec - December 13

I'm not sure what to think about the heartrate predicting gender! I have two boys and both their heart rates were above 150 and I am now pregnant with a little girl (so I was told in two ultrasounds) and the heartrate has been sitting below 140 each time I go to the doc! So I guess for me its the opposite of what I've heard....!! Who knows what to believe??!!


ker - December 13

Thanks Bec. That is what I was hoping to hear, as I am hoping for a girl. I get to find out tomorrow!! I can't wait. I will be sure to post on here tomorrow what my results are.


Beccah - December 13

I heard the same thing, ker and it's NOT TRUE!! At least not for everyone. My son's heartrate was normally in the 160's, he was born early and on a heart monitor for 10 weeks, and his heartbeat was normally between 160 and 175.


erin - December 13

I think that it might be true for most people but there are always exceptions. I thought it was a boy if below 150 and a girl above 150. I am having a boy and he is usually 140-145. I think at around the 150 mark it can go both ways, but the extremes seem to be true most of the time.


Bec - December 14

Hey Ker, have you been for your u/s yet? Am very curious to hear what your having!!! Wanna see if my theory is true or if I'm the opposite to everybody else....!!!


ker - December 14

Hi Bec, my U/S appointment isn't until 3:45pm EST, so it may be tomorrow morning before I post my results. I promise I will come back and let you know though. Thanks.


Bec - December 14

When you go for your ultrasound can you ask the technician how they can tell if it's a girl - I want to know if it is by the absence of a p___s or if there is something else they look for!! I'm still sceptical about being told we are having a girl - I don't want to get my hopes up too much in case she is born a he - not that I won't be happy about another boy, I just want a healthy and happy baby, but this is our last child so its our last chance for a girl!!


Bec - December 14

Ps. Sorry, I forgot to wish you luck for today - I hope your baby is healthy and you get the little girl you are dreaming about!!


ker - December 14

Hi Bec, I heard that they can tell if it's a girl by if they see 3 white lines down there instead of a p___s. But yes, I will ask the sonographer too and I'll let you know what she says. I'm sure they are probably right most of the time, so you will most likely get a girl if that's what the told you. I think this is also going to be our last child, we already have a boy, so we would love to have a little girl. All the old wives tales are pointing to boy though. Thanks for the good luck! Talk to you soon.


punky_jen - December 14

when i was pregnant with my son, the heartrate was over 140, so they dont always get it right!


ker - December 15

To Bec, Hi I just wanted to let you and everyone know that I had my u/s yesterday and I am having a GIRL!! So the heartrate thing was wrong for me too! It was only 130's yesterday. The sonographer was certain that it's a girl. Also Bec, you asked me to ask the sonographer about how to tell if it's a girl, I asked her and she showed me that you could see 3 lines, and she showed me the slit in the middle. Our scan was 4d, but when she was showing me that part she hadn't turned the 4d on yet. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


Lanna - December 15

my neice just went for u/s last week the heart rate was 127 and she is having a girl.


Bec - December 15

That is great news Ker! Congratulations! I went to my doc and asked him the question about how you can tell and he said the three line thing as well! He showed me the three lines down there so I'm quite convinced now that we are having a little girl as well! I have asked around lately cause I was curious after you posted your question and most people I spoke to say their boys were always around 155 and above and the girls were 145 and under! Have you considered names for your new bub yet?



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