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OH SHIT!!!!!! - March 6

I just finished shakpooing my carpets (nothing new I do it almost every day) and my whole body is shaking! My arms, hands, shoulders, head, everything!!!!!! My throat and back of my tongue is numb too! It has been going on for about 5 minutes now. I think I am going to call the Dr!


E - March 6

LMAO, as always!! I think you should take it easy since you are so pregnant. Make your mom shampoo her boogers and fart smell out of the carpet.


Heavenly - March 6

E, lmao!! Yea, I should. She has been quite the slacker around here. She is feeling my pain now though cuz I cuss and yell thru the house while I'm cleaning. It's a d__n mad house! She was in the dining room and let one rip so loud I am surprized she didn't b__w the seat cushion off the chair. I am so glad my husband wasn't here at the time. Check out my website. I have pix of her on there. I talked to my Dr. I was scared I was having a seizure. He said that he didn't think I was as long as I can remember what happened. He said what you said, take it easy. He is gonna call back and check on me.


Heavenly - March 6

Damn! I just noticed I was shakpooing the carpet. Hmmm. I think I may have drain bamage.


Bump - March 6

Hehe, I'm feeling a little loopty! Must be that fart still lingering. Ok that's sick!


E - March 7

Heav - I just looked at your site again and saw your mom:) LMAO. Now I have a mental image of the booger-picking farter. Your dog Hercules is so adorable (extended family page)!!! He has such a funny look on his face.


Heavenly - March 7

Rose, thank you for your response :o). My Dr said that he didn't think it was a seizure because I can recall what happened. He thinks it could be from using house hold cleaner but I told him that I have been using that stuff for months. He said that it could also be from the lack of blood flow to my brain and wants me to relax and call him if it reoccurs. I got a nose bleed this morning!


Heavenly - March 7

Thank u E! Yea, Mom is a real peach! She is being extra peachy today too! I wanna cry. I am constantly updating the site so check it out from time to time. I am about to put some more pix in of my family. I added a new one of a past pet and believe it or not I have other pets that I need to put on there. I just took pix of them yesterday. Don't worry, these are not deceased. I was so attached to that little ferret though. I had to put him in there too.



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