Heavenly Here Remember Me Where S My Peoples At

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Heavenly-the one and only! - October 14

Man I miss chatting with all my buddies! I hope you are all doing well! Holla back! I have high speed internet now-thank God! In other words.....my house will no longer be clean! I'm going to give the dogs enuf food for a week and strap the baby to my side,,,cuz imma be here for a while.


Lynette - October 14

Hi Heavenly! I didn't chat with you much before, but you did answer me from time to time and were always really wonderful. How is life as a new Mommy? I am now nearly 10 weeks pregnant and just found out last week that it's twins! So when did you have your baby? Take care! :-)


~m~ - October 14

Hey Heavenly! I am just now back also! Glad to hear things are going good. I just went to your piczo site, and your baby is BEAUTIFUL!! I am finally pregnant!! This time looks good. My hcg levels are rising, and we got our first ultrasound the other day. We got to see and hear the heartbeat!! How is the situation with your "houseguest"? Still burping, farting, and driving you crazy? LOL


Karen - October 14

Hi there Heavenly. We are all here. Adjusting to life as a new mom and loving it. My little man is 6 1/2 weeks and slept for 5 hours straight for the first time last night. Of course he woke up screaming of hunger. He is use to eating every 3 hours. I think I may have to start waking him up to eat again so he does not get that hungry. Good to hear from some old friends. Love you guys. Where is Missy , Heidi, Tiff aand Lissi ?


keekee - October 14

Hi Heavenly!!!! Wow ~m~ is here too. I am so happy to see some of the regulars back!!!! E, I hope you are feeling better. I know Aja is keeping you busy and positive..Hey, Robin miss you...LOL....~m~, congrats!!!! Have a happy 9 months of pregnancy!!!!! Don't let the morning sickness get you down.We need more laughter around here........Heavenly, I have missed your mom and dog stories. It's refreshing to have you back and lighten up the place..... Well ladies...My bubble bath is calling me. Have a great weekend


~m~ - October 14

Hey keekee! Good to see you again! You say you have a bubble bath waiting on you? Are they the bubbles from the bottle, or is Heavenly's mom in your tub generating them? hee hee. I'm glad you're a good sport Heavenly. If you ever get tired of the jokes, just say the word and I'll shut up!! :o)


~m~ - October 14

hee hee hee hee. not going anywhere baby doll. But if you'd like, I'll send you some chill pills to help with the pain of seeing people get along! :o)


E - October 14

sure, as long as they are the same pills that narcissus takes! getting hooked sounds fun!


~m~ - October 14

Well, I'm hooked on puking! So if you want some of that, I'll gladly share! hee hee. Ewwwww, "morning" sickness sucks big ol' goobers!


Karen - October 14

Glad to see we still have the same sense of humor. Good to have fun loving people to talk to again.


MRS.R - October 14

Welcome back ~m~ and congrats on your pregnancy!!! Sorry your not even back one day and already you have some A#$Hole picking already. That was really uncalled for The comment on Narcissus and i realize people like you thrive on conflict.. But, i don't think you are going to get that in this thread. Good day to you anyways.. Hope you get some tonight maybe that will make you a bit of a nicer person.:-)


MRS.R - October 14

Forgot, welcome back Heavenly :-)


MRS.R - October 14

Narcissus So sorry your going through all this pain.. Sure hope you have some relief with your surgery.. Take care.


Dez - October 14

WOW! HELLO LADIES! reading these posts just put the biggest smile on my face, these were the days i miss from this site. Heavenly your baby is beautiful, and m I am so happy that things are working out good for you. Do you remember are all night argument about cocoa b___ter, lmao I still cant get over that. E I havent been able to talk to you much since you changed your name and know one seems to ever email me :( J/K well Ana is doing great she will be walking soon, and has 4 teeth, she is so fun right now. This new baby isnt giving me half the trouble as Ana Thankfully! And at the end of this month I get an ultrasound so I will be able to know what I am having this time.


tiffani~18 days to go!! - October 14

Welcome back Heavenly, Dez and ~m~!!! You're humor has been missed. Congrats on the high speed internet. Makes a world of a difference doesn't it? I'll never go back to that dial up c___p again. I'm thrilled to see everyone back. It's a crying shame you guys waited until i'm about to deliver to show back up. Damn it all. Wow, we sure are taking turns with this baby making business aren't we? Think back to January... E was pregnant, so was Dez and Heavenly. ~m~ was ttc, and I was debating on whether or not to have another baby. My how we've changed. Dez is pregnant again, and so are ~m~ and I. E won't be far behind once she gets through all this pain. I love it!! I'm so excited to be reunited. :o)


Heavenly - October 14

Thank ya tiff! It's great to be back. I LUV YA ALL!!!!


P - October 14

Hey Heavenly! Glad to see you're back. It seemed like everyone disapeared all at once a while back and it got sooo boring here. lol I didn't get to hear about your farting mother and (was it ~m~'s) Hercules? What I did get was a bunch of b___hy preggos hammering E every day for having a "cult". What a load. Got tired real quick. And now of course my seven month old daughter (www.peanutsgallery.piczo.com) is teething and not enjoying it at all. I checked out your little girl and she's soooo pretty!! What eyes!! Glad to hear your good news ~m~. It's nice to see you guys back, maybe it'll be fun here again.



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