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T - November 4

My last period was the 27th or 28th of july it was a 2 or 3 days longer than normal. I messed around with this guy on the 27th of july and I was still on my period. We didn't have s_x but our areas were almost touching if you know what I mean plus I had a tampon in. I then had s_x with my ex boyfriend a couple of times after that in august. I found out that I was pregnant in sept. and when I went to the doctor at the end of sept. the doctor said my uterus felt like it was just about 9 weeks. when do you think my baby was concieved and who's the father? Could my doctor be 2 weeks off?


t - November 6

could someone please help me


hello - November 6

the 9 weeks is from the date of your last menstual period, not from when you conceived. so nine weeks sounds about right. your ex boyfriend is most likely the father, since there was no intercourse with the other guy, plus you wore a tampon. good luck


t - November 6

so even though my doctor said my uterus feels like 9 weeks the fetus is only 7 weeks?


YES - November 7



t - November 7

why is that?


J.J. - November 7

Who cares why? The doctors usually know what they're talking about. Just have a paternitly test done when the baby comes so you won't be worrying about it for the rest of your life.


to j.j - November 7

why the hell are you being so rude? she isnt obligated to anyone...this guy that she ended up having s_x with was her EX what she does with other guys is her own d__n business...that does not make her far as i see it, the only NASTY person here is you!!!!!!!!!!! leave her alone, and get the hell off this site if you cant be nice...i tell ya the nerve of some people!!!!!!!!! anyways, t...i think that your babies father is the ex of yours...the doctors go by your LMP because timing is done by your cycles, i dont get it either to be honest with you, but they always tack on an extra two weeks, you have nothing to be worried about, just hang in there, and good luck to you! oh yeah, congrats on your BFP!


kris - November 7

T - the reason doctors give you dates based on the last menstrual period is because it is a concrete occurance. The date of ovulation is a guess. The father is the ex. Very, very, very difficult to concieve while on your period, no s_x, with a tampon in. Almost no chance whatsoever. best of luck to you. You would be fertile in august... and miss a period at end of aug/beginning of sept. best of luck to you.


carrie - November 7

you dont have to have intercourse in order to get pregnant.if any s____n came in contact with anything that comes in contact with the vigina then you can get pregnant.


tiff - November 7

T dont you have any self respect for your self?why attempt to screw someone while you are bleeding then a few weeks later screw someone?what are you going to do with a kid by a man who dont even love you?must be pretty sad.


Jessica - November 7

Tiff you are pretty sad for acting the way you do. It is not uncommon to have s_x while on your period. YOu also have no right to judge T for what she does. You are not god or anything close, so take your rude a__s some hwre else. I am so tired of people like you.


i think - November 7

T needs to grow up and realize if she dont want to contract an std she needs to keep her pants up.i dont think you need a baby if you have to mess around from guy to ashamed of your self.are you that way all the time or what.why not just fine some one steady instead of acting like a whore.


To all - November 7

You have got to be kidding me. T just ignore these a__s clowns who are playing god, pa__sing judgement. YOu know ladies this happens a lot and she is not the only one. They are just jealous that your getting some.... Get over yourselves.


L - November 7

She didnt ask for you guys to judge her she asked for advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. who are you to say what a whore is? i am SURE your not perfect and i hope to god ur not pregnant because you are way too childish to be a mother! T-good luck with everything and dont pay attention to them they have nothing better to do than put ppl down, its the only way to make them feel better about their problems!


my opinion - November 7

is this arent you smart enough to know you cant get pregnant if his p___s dont touch your v____a?especially if your wearing a tampon.are you planning on getting back with your ex?dose he know your pregnant?if so what dose he think?


so what - November 7

this is stupied i think she just wants attention.she has to be smart enough to know how you get pregnant.just stop this insane post



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