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amber2257 - May 9

im 7 weeks perg. i always feel like i want to throw up it just hasnt happend yet i feel hungrey but when i eat the feeling comes and i have to stop..i also get cramps every now and then that last lke 5sec then go away is that normal..i havent seen a doctor yet when is good time to start going..and what can i go about morning sickness


CyndiG - May 9

Amber, I hate to tell you sweetie, but there's not much you can do about morning sickness. I had that I need to throw up feeling for 16 weeks. I never did actually throw up, which was a small blessing, I think.....not sure which is worse needing to and can't or actually doing it. Anyway, GIngerale helped alot! Also, saltine crackers. Just nibble on them. Eating made me feel better for a little while. Don't get too hungry. Try to eat before you're hungry. Don't eat greasy meals, stick to blander foods for a little while. The cramps are normal, as long as you aren't bleeding. The dr. says it's your uterus stretching. You should call your dr. and make an appointment. Most OB's will see you around 8 weeks, some earlier some later. But 8 weeks is the norm. Congratulations, and Good Luck! Hold on tight, It's a fast, fun, wonderful ride. Enjoy every minute, because it's gone before you know it!


mandie - May 9

I had the same thing for a while, feeling like I needed to throw up but it didnt' happen. Somewhere around 9 weeks I did start actually throwing up, but fortunately not real bad. I'm 12 weeks now. Cyndi is right, try not to go too long on an empty stomach, as this will only aggrevate the feeling. Try to eat something high in protein before bed like meat or cheese. These take longer to digest, so your stomach isn't empty for as long. If you get sick of saltines (I did) try some bland cereal. I tried eating some Kix before I got out of bed. Ultimately, just remember that the sick feeling won't last forever, and in fact is a good sign, because the hormones making you sick are growing your baby!! Good luck.


clare - May 10

hi amber im 24 weeks and my sickness had totally gone i used to get it really bad up2 14 weeks or so i used to drink lemon and ginger tea in the morning and eat a ginger biscuit or 2 its not the nicest thing to eat before you get out of bed but it bloody works lol i would give it ten mins after eating them then i could stomach breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. even if you eat dry toast you are getting food and its less likely to make you sick xxx good luck xx


les22 - May 11

i had the same symptoms early on too. i was never actually sick but the few times when i did start to gag were when i had an empty stomach so i just forced myself to eat. mashed potato and cheese seemed to work. made me feel like i was gonna be sick the whole time i was eating but stopped the sick feeling


Bluemonster - May 11

Amber, I can understand your pain. I was sick for the first four months with my first daughter. Like so many of the other ladies recommended, ginger is very good for nausea. Another thing that works well is B vitamins. You could try getting a B-complex vitamin to take every day, but what really helped me was Powerade. Sounds funny, but Powerade actually has a good amount of B vitamins, plus electrolites to help keep you hydrated. I would have a bottle with me every time we went in the car because I got so sick. Also, as far as what foods to eat, many women do find bland foods more helpful, but there is a growing number of pregnant women who feel less sick with more flavorful foods, so try to keep track of how different foods affect you so you know which ones sit the best in your stomach. And definitely get to the doctor as soon as you can. Early prenatal care is essential and helps you plan for any potential risks, like negative RH, or lapsing immunizations. Congratulations, and I hope you get through the sickness soon!



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