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jen39376 - October 1

I’ve been having some weird feelings lately, I’m not officially late on my period actually I’m due tomorrow but for some reason I don’t think that it will come. Vie been feeling very ill these past couple of weeks, nauseas not to the point where I’m throwing up but it comes and goes, I’ve have gotten heartburn in the past but its been worst, I noticed a white creamy discharge today, not to sound gross but I’ve had a lot of gas a few days ago, mild headaches that come and go and in the car yesterday my sister had one of those scented candles and the aroma was making me ill. My br___ts aren’t sore but I have noticed some of those bumps around the nipple. My last period only lasted 3 days but it was pretty heavy and I took a test about 2 weeks ago and it was neg. but I guess it could have been to soon to tell. My stomach has only been cramping from time to time but I have been getting these shape little pains in my tummy that go as fast as they come and when I was laying in bed 2 nights ago I felt like a funny tingly feeling in my stomach for a few seconds. Like I said I’m not late on my period yet but do these seem like more signs to getting my period or pregnancy. I don’t usually feel to well before my period comes but for some reason I feel like there different this month….Help could I really be pregnant??????? And how long should I wait if my period doesn’t come tomorrow before testing again?


Tory1980 - October 2

It could be signs of pregnancy but because the syptoms of pregnancy and before your period arrive are so similar they can't really be relied on. Test tomorrow, if it is negative then leave it for a few days (the ideal is a week but whoever waits that long in between tests?! LOL!) and test again. If your period hasn't in 10days to a fortnight after it is due go and see your doctor just in case there is something other than pregnancy delaying it. Good luck!



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