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Sommer - June 6

Hey girls, I am hoping some of you could help me figure this out. I had my LMP on November 18, 2004. According to that I am due August 26. I had an ultrasound on March 28th which I was about 18 weeks. According to that my due date was August 16th, but my doctor said we are keeping the August 26 date. My question is would it be more likely that I conceived around the 2nd of December (when I was most likely ovulating) or around december 12th? I can only remember having s_x during the first week of december and on december 12th so I am trying to figure out the day I conceived. Thanks for any help you guys can give!! :)


If - June 6

You had s_x in the last days of November, and you ovulated on December 02, you would have been fertile from November 31-to December 2nd. Hope that helps!


Sommer - June 6

So it's doubtful that I conceived on Decemeber 12th?....I figured it was around December 2nd since I have a pretty normal 30 day cycle, but wanted other opinions.


YOu - June 6

You can go online and look at an ovulation calendar and put in your LMP to see if that gives you a better idea. I doubt that you could have conceived on December 12 since you are on a pretty regular 30 day cycle. BTW, congrats on your pregnancy!!


Jessie - June 6

Unfortunately, all three of these girls could be wrong along with the conception date calculator. No offense girls but hers why. I had a similar situation happen. My LMP was December 14th I was supposed to have ovulated and conceived around December 28th, witch would put me at 24 weeks. However some how that did not happen and I conceived a whole month after my period around January 17th, and I had no period after December 14th, which puts me at 22 weeks not 24!!!! Its really weird, I don’t know how it happens but it does happen some times. The RN at my doctor’s office had the same thing happen to her. When I asked my DR about it she said stick with the ultrasound dates if its and early Ultrasound.


Jessie - June 6

Also, just because you have a regular cycle does not mean you are exempt from cycle "hiccups". Some times your cycle could and does go off track.


Sommer - June 7

Yeah I know that dating a pregnancy is not an exact science, but it seems like everything is adding up to my LMP instead of the 12th. My ultrasound showed a week ahead, but the doctor said we would keep my original date going by my LMP. Also, at all of my visits my funal height is always one above my pregnancy week so that seems to add up as well. Last visit I was 26.2 weeks and my fundal height was 27.



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