Help 17 And In Need Of Help Confused

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Tee Tee - October 7

I think I may be pregnant. My last period was September 22. The first 2 days of my period weren't normal. But the rest seemed pretty normal. I went earlier this week and took a pregnancy test, but it came back neg. The lady told me to come back in a week and try again. I am getting sick now; just like a head cold though; I haven't been feeling good for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I have been feeling like I have to through up all times of the day. I think I might been like 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. But then again I am thinking like maybe it all in my head: But then I think the other times when I thought I was pregnant it wasn't like this. Please can you give me some advice? Please?


Kate - October 7

Hon you havn't even skipped a period yet. Itsounds like you are just scared, but the fact is it is too soon to tell. And I really don't know what you mean by part of you period being normal and then some not? If you got your period and your test was negative I'm sure everything is fine, but when did you have s_x? Was it unprotected? You didn't mention. But if you got your period after s_x and a negative reswult then I'm sure you are probebly not pregnant.


KT - October 10

It's all in your head......17 and having s_x? Why don't you wait til' you're married then you don't have to worry! Duh!


Missa - October 10

Kt who are you to judge people? THis sight is to help people and support them. All I have seen from you is negative remarks. THey need our help. THey are young and asking for help. Yes having s_x at a young age is something that could be prevented but if it is not then at least console them. Thease people are genually scared and have no wheres else to run. To Tee Tee. I know of people who have had periods wheather it be light or heavy and still be pregnant, it depends on the person and it is very possible. You should go get blood work to find out. I wish you luck and if you need anything (advice). Just ask!


megank - October 10

that is in your head your mind telling you are doing something wrong don't sweat it your probably not pregnant but i would play it safe for now on if i was going to play!!!



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