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star - February 1

Could I still be preg even if I had my period in the first month? I think I'm 5-6 weeks preg. Period is not as normal as useal. Is this possible?


sophia - February 18

Some people say that you can. I'm also in the boat because I've been feeling sick, dizzy and I have been eating a lot. My stomach is looking like it, but I'm still having my period. I don't know it's weird. Go to the doctors I have an appointment next week


P - February 18

My sister had her regular periods for five months when she was pregnant with both her kids.


Marie - February 18

Star, it is very very umcommon for a women to have a period while pregnant.Because, when a women is pregnant her body produces HCg a hormone that stops the menstrual period.I very doubt that people actually have a period..probaly just bleeding.If, your suspect your pregnant take a test or go to your doctor and get an ultrasound done!


P - February 19

If my sister wasn't getting her period, she was having very regular bleeding. Like every 28 days regular. It is not uncommon.


sll - February 19

I think I am in the same positon. I had a period last month but it was very short and light. I am almost a week late this month. I have a friend who had a period teh first month she was pregnant. Her doctor told her it was normal in some people. That the body was cleaning out the waste for the bosy.


angie - February 26

Can i gat pregnant four days before my period and still have a normal period?


channa - February 26

I am going on 8-9 weeks. I just through having my period. It IS common that a pregnant woman can get her period during pregnancy. I still have the symptons. So dont worry.


Kris - February 26

I am wondering the same thing. I have been having a "period", its not normal though, mostly brownish, with little red. I am taking a test in the morning to see. Does anyone know if you are having a period or what you think is your period, does it affect a hpt? Will you get a false negative?


marie - February 27

i have the same thing happening to me too. I don't know if it's normal. And i am 20 weeks into the pregnancy.


P - February 27

It's technically not a period. It's "period like". It won't affect the hpt because they measure the HGC in your urine.


Andrea - March 11

It is precisely a period and not just "period-like". It is unclear if a woman continues to *ovulate* when they menstruate during pregnancy, but it is definitely menstruation. There is also a correlation between negative pregnancy tests and continuing to have menstrual periods whie pregnant, since it is HCG which tells a woman's uterus not to shed it's lining. A woman who menstruates during pregnancy is more likely to get a NEGATIVE than a positive on a pregnancy test, whether blood or urine or quant_tative or qualitative, because they don't have enough HCG in their system to register on an HCG test.


stacey - March 11

do any of you take your temp? I am pretty sure that if you are pregnant and have a period that your temp stays up. I was wishing that I was in the same boat, but the temp thing is the only piece of reality that I have. Mine dropped.


curious - March 18

does the month of february have an effect on late periods


kat - March 19

curious i dont understand your question?


lp - March 19

To:curious:it can happen, u might not have your period at all in Feb it happen to me twice.


jamie - March 23

what are the period characteristics that some women get during pregnancy



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