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??? - April 7

I had a regular period in August, started working out in September and began to lose 10-20 lbs...keep in mind I was still on BC. When it came time for my period to start on 9/26 (taking the sugar pills) no period. Nothing at spotting, nothing. Went to the doctor and she said it could be that I had been on BC for 8 years and I started working out, losing a lot of weight and that is probably why I didnlt start. She had me take a pregnancy test and it was negative as well as a blood test on 10/4 which came out negative. My period would have lasted 7 days until Oct. 2nd-if I was bleeding but I wasn't. Well, I had s_x with someone other than my boyfirend (my ex) on Oct. 1st and s_x with my boyfriend on Oct.2nd. (which is when my period would have ended). while continuing to take my sugar pills even though I did not have my period. I should have started a new pack of pills on 10/3 BUT I did not continue my pills as I thought something was wrong...I know, VERY STUPID!!!! Well, had s_x with my boyfriend on 10/2, 10/6, 10/14 and 10/22. I started to feel sick around Nov 11th, took a HPT and it was positive. Had and US on 11/11 and I was 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Which put my DD at July 5th, 2005-given to me by my doctor. I've looked at a bunch of conception calendars and it dates the day of conception to around Oct 13th (BF and I had unprotected s_x Oct 14th) All my Ultrasounds are still dating correctly to the doctors given due date and I am 27 alomost 28 weeks. Should I worry at all that I may be pregnant by my ex who I had s_x with on Oct. 1st or do you think it is safe to say it is my BF from s_x with him on 0ct 6th, 14th or 22nd? Please help....I am REALLY worried and need all the opinions I can get!!!! THANK YOU!!!


D - April 7

It seems to me that since the pill is designed to have the sugar pills as part of the cycle, the chances of you getting pregnant before you skipped your first pill (the first of the next pack) would be very low, especially after 8 years. Given that, and the fact that your u/s have been consistent, I think the odds are that it is your boyfriends...


Meadra - April 7

This date thing can be tricky. I can't say for sure, but I would think it's pretty safe to say the baby is your bf's. However, the only real way to find out whether it's his or not is by a paternity test. What are you doing having s_x with your ex anyway? When was the last time your ex was tested for STD's? For that matter, when was the last time you were tested? There are some issues that need to be worked out here. I wish you the best of luck.


Karen - April 7

Based on your information looks like its the B/F. All the best and good luck !!.


~S~ - April 7

Regardless as to who's it might be, you should tell your bf what's going on and what you did. It could possibly mean an end to your relationship, or not, because honesty goes a long way...but it will definitly mean an end to your relationship if you keep it a secret and the baby turns out to be your ex's. Never keeps secrets, because they will come out one way or another. And the later it is, the worse it becomes. Good luck. Ohh could easily be the ex's baby or your bf's as conception dates are only approximate dates. You could have concieved a week before your conception date or a week later.


Karen - April 7

Please pay no attention to the judgemental comments as you can see I kept my opinion to myself. What I think does not matter, what matters is that you get the support you are seeking. Dont worry you have a wonderful baby growing inside, congrats on the loss weight. A girlfriend of mine recently loss 20 pounds and looks fablous. All the best


Jena - April 7

so did you only have s_x with your ex on the 1st? If that is all, then it most definitely looks like it's your bf's baby...


friendly_md - April 8

I think you can be rea__sured that this pregnancy is from your boyfriend. An ultrasound at 6 weeks gestation looks very different from one at 8 weeks gestation. It is considered accurate within a week. THe later ultrasounds are less accurate at dating your pregnancy. Since your early ultrasound agreed with a conception date in mid-October, there is no reason to worry that the pregnancy is the result of your episode with your ex.I am an obstetrician and have had a lot of experience with these kinds of situations. good luck.



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