Help Can Hot Sauce Harm My Baby

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Stupid Maddie - June 10

I don't know what drove me to do this but I figured a teaspoon of hotsauce may bring on labor. So...I did it. I took a tsp. of hot sauce and now my lips are burning and my mouth is on fire! I feel so bad after I did it. Was that horrible of me? I am so desperate to go into labor though! What do you think? How fast will this hot sauce reach the baby and do you think it could cause him to be harmed badly??


Lynn - June 10

Maddie - you still haven't had your baby yet? You poor thing! I feel for you. No, hot sauce will not harm your baby - despite what it does to you!


charl - June 10

NO!! it won't harm your baby! it will be digested. don't panic!


Maddie - June 10

Thanks. Glad to know. I ended up going to bed at about 3 am. after doing everything I could think of to induce. Looks like the baby and I have to have a little heart to heart discussion...I'll just tell him "Look, I'm your momma, and you need to get out here right now young man!" =)


D - June 10

No! Hot sauce won't hurt your baby! I was at dinner a week ago with an OB/GYN, and ate hot sauce right in front of her. She said that when we're ready for me to go into labor, I'll have to start eating chips & hot salsa, because my baby gets really active when I eat it!


JenniferB - June 10

I think you will go on the 14th. lol it pooped into my head when i read that you still haven't gone. I ate Mexican pizza during my pregnancy and my baby is a bit spicy but perfectly healthy. Hope you go soon! Good luck.


Jennifer B - June 10

Good Lord. I did say pooped into my head. lol. It definately popped. Although my prediction might be a bunch of poop :0)


BBK - June 10

Maddie, hang in there... he'll be coming soon.


leslie - June 10

I think you are fine....I don't know when was the last time where I did NOT have hot sause for a day! lol! i LOVE hot sause..its the best thing ever..I eat it with everything..even with popcorn and potatoe chips :) so I think you are fine...everyone in my family eats hot sause too and they have healthy normal kids!



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