Help Can T Find A Boy S Name We Both Like

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JJ - October 11

Last time around we had no problem finding a name for either s_x. This time I can't find anything I like - what do you think of the name Blaine for a boy?


Beth S - October 11

it reminds me of Pretty in Pink. its not bad.


moi - October 11

Dont like it. A lady I used to babysit for had a son named Blaize. I think thats better. But still similar.


M.A. - October 11

Sorry, I don't care for Blaine, or Blaize at all. JJ, do you have any other ideas? I always like to look names up from the Bible. There's a lot that's rarely used now, but still in style.


.. - October 11



:) Silly mommy - October 11

I like Brandon,Breadon,Bryce or Bryson (if you are going for B names)


mom to be - October 11

did you try to go on online and see names im having boy and his name going to be Julian Nathaniel


sandra - October 14

i like blaine. my two boys are called kyle and kerr and if i have another boy I like matthew or aiden


annoyed - October 15

well then choose a girl name huh?


Julie - October 15

boys names are hard. Our first son is Benjamin and we call him Ben and we are expecting our next son any time now and are naming him Ethan. Other names that were on our list were: Nicholas, Matthew, Jackson, Jack, Aiden, Joseph, Thomas, Kyle.


Bridget - October 15

What about Chase, Reese, Riley?


kr - October 15

I like it! But around 12 nobody likes his/her own name, so you might want to pick a more traditional middle in case he wants to switch it up during those. Stick to your guns!


darnell - October 18

i like tobias wanted to name my son that but husband and his family didnt like it


Gemma - October 18

Blaine is ok but I'm not that keen on it. Here are some other names you may like. Logan, Joshua, Samual, Thomas, Harry, Angus, Shayne, Sean, Alfie, Christian, Harley, Harvey, Bailey, Blake, William, Cody, Ryan, Clayton, Ashton.


Susan - October 18

I think Blaine is a really cute name....But my favorite boy name is Rylan.


GD - October 18

I am in the same dilemma than you, me and my husband just can't agree on a name for our baby.. I love Joshua but he doesn't, we are also considering Nicholas, Brandon, Ethan, Elijah, Isaiah.... I just hope we can come up with something soon.. have you try buying a book or going on line.. i think i will go and buy a book next week.. Good Luck!


TO GD: - October 18

I love names from the Bible. All of your names on here are great! I really like Elijah!



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