Help I Am Gaining Too Much Weight

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Jenn - March 1

I am 27 weeks along with my first baby and have already gained 28 pounds! I eat really well, except for the occasional treat. I drink LOTS of water. I don't excersize, and I know that is my downfall. My mom gained a lot of weight during her first pregnancy (70+pds). I don't want to be huge, but I don't want to derprive myself. I just can't seem to find the time or energy to work out. I know with the rate I am gaining I will probably weigh in at +40 by full term. Has anyone else ever gained so much? If so, how hard was it to loose it? Am I going to have a harder time with delivery? I could really use some feedback. Thanks!


michelle - March 2

I gained about 40 pounds with each of my pregnancies. I usually had about 20 pounds to lose after the birth. I nursed my children and it took only a few months to lose the weight. Of course that was in my twenties. The children I've had in my thirties, it's taken about 9 months to a year to lose the weight. But I really don't diet or anything. I haven't had any problems delivering but I don't use any anesthetic during labor and I move around a lot. My smallest baby was 7lbs 12oz, the largest over 10 lbs.


Billie - March 2

I am also 27 weeks with my first baby and I have gained about 25lbs so far. I thought I was gaining too much weight too but my doc said that my weight is fine. In fact, he wants me to gain between 35 and 40lbs. I don't work out either. I'm too tired most of the time and also a little afraid of hurting myself or my baby. But I also heard that just because you gain a lot of weight, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to have a huge baby. You may gain 40lbs and your baby may weigh 6lbs. You never know!


Jenn - March 5

Thanks so much for sharing girls. I feel nervous about all the weight I am gaining, not so much that I am worried about losing it. I am sure I will, and it will be worth all the effort it will take. I am just worried that I am compromising the health of my baby, but it does set my mind at ease thinking I am not the first to gain more the recommended. My diet really hasn't changed much since pre-pregnancy, if at all it has improved. Maybe it is just due to a slower metabolism!?


becca - March 5

hey im 40 weeks to dat and i feel like a big fat whale im 11st and 3 pds and i was about 9 stone before im so worried that i wont be able to loose the weight ne advise


Lindsey To Billie - March 5

Wow, you're lucky. With my first pregnancy they (doctors) were really cracking down on the weight issue, not just with me, but every pregnant patient they had. I was only allowed to gain 20 POUNDS!!!! I tried not to gain more, but that would've entailed me not eating properly. So, needless to say, I did gain exactly 30 but I shed the pounds easily. Of course they always say that with the 1st it's easier to lose. I agree with that but every woman is different.


Wendy - August 15

I am only 15 weeks, but I have gained one pound for every week !! I am up to 14.5 pounds ! I am like you I eat well, but if I really wanting something I eat it. I do work out and have every week so far, but really that hasn't done anything on keeping the weight down. I think our bodys will gain what it needs to gain.


Heidi - August 15

I'm at 30 wks and gained almost 35 lbs! I'm too tired half the time to do anything either but I've been cutting back on my portions a little and trying to do more around the house since the weather has cooled off. I seemed to have dropped 2 lbs this weekend from all the cleaning I did and cutting back on meals a little. Not enough to harm the baby though. Just not two helpings of everything!



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