Help I Had A Total Brain Fart

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Shannon - April 26

I'm on birthcontrol and had my wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago and have been on penicillin for ten days...I COMPLETLY forgot that it might decrease the effectiveness of my BC, it really sucks because my husband and I have really been going at it for the last week....yikes! What are my chances of being pregnant?


> - April 26



Shannon - April 26

Seriously, I thought the people on this forum were a little more mature...I must have been mistaken.


Amy - April 26

You chances of being pregnant are pretty good honestly. I've known quite a few people that have gotten pregnant that were in the same type of situation. When was your lmp and how many days are in you cycle? If you have a normal cycle normally it should be pretty easy to trck what days you were/are most fertile.


C - April 26

Shannon, I apologise on behalf of the first two morons. Most people on this forum are caring and give good advice. I was on the pill before, and I had no idea penicillin could mess it up. I guess it depends on where you were in your cycle when you were "going at it" as to whether you could be pregnant. Was it midcycle? All you can do is wait and see. Sorry that's not very helpful.


D - April 26

I don't know statistically what your chances are, but yes, it is possible. I know a few children who came about that way.... I hope if you are, I hope it's ok?? On the other hand, there are people who have to be off the pill for months before they can conceive! We just don't know which way it works for each of us until it happens! good luck!


Hehe - April 26

I just had a total b___t fart. My belly is so big and round they just slip out all the time. Whew! That was a potent one! Something smells dead in here.


toes to hehe - April 26

hehe, that odor you smell? yeah, that'd be your sense of humor.


;o) - April 27

[email protected] go girl,lol!


++++ - April 27

to ;o)~ Toes is a guy!


toes to ;o) - April 27

I'm glad you liked my post, but just to avoid confusion I'm a member of the despised race that forces all you womenfolk into the role of breeders. Have a nice day! :)



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