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snickelfritz - February 6

My prog. level at about 8 weeks was only 10.9! I'm starting supplements today. Anyone have anything to offer me in the form of encouragement?! I'm SO nervous!


SarahB - February 6

When I was 8 weeks my prog. level was at 7 and the needed to be at least 15 dr. said. I started supplements the next day and took them until I was 12 weeks. I am now 27 1/2 weeks and everything is fine with my baby. The supplements really helped. Just stay positive and try not to stress out, I had a subchorionic tear as well early on in my pregnancy and was on bedrest numerous times. Just stay positive and hope for the best that is all you can do. Good luck!! :)


Angie in MI - February 6

I took suppliments too. I'm now in my 35th week and have had a great pregnancy so far! Good luck!


jenniferjuliane - February 7

My progesterone is 0.7! No wonder I had 2 miscarriages!! But, as long as your on supplements, you should be ok! You'll be just fine, all I have to suggest is to eat healthy and stay positive. Don't stress b/c it doesn't help you or the baby. Good luck to you!


snickelfritz - February 7

When I asked my nurse what my level was, I responded with "wow". She said, "um... yeah." Typical level for 8 weeks is 25, so my level is pretty low. But, they are putting me on a strong level of Prometrium (200mg 3x daily), and I only have 4 weeks before the placenta takes over anyway. I'm starting to feel better. It's just that the information on the internet is pretty discouraging.


jenniferjuliane - February 7

I KNOW!! NEVER READ THAT INFO! When I got pregnant and they found that I had a low progesterone, they put me on prometrium and if you visit that Rx website, it says DO NOT TAKE IF YOUR PREGNANT! It said your baby could have defects, etc. But the good thing is, my doc told me before hand that I shouldn't read what it said. So don't believe everything your read, ALWAYS consult your doctor. And as always, this website contains a lot of correct info from women who have actually been there! Good luck.


knpandrews - February 8

Yesterday I found out that i was pregnant. My doctor said that my progesterone was a little low. It was suppose to be at 10 but was only at 8.88 she said that she is starting me on suppluments but a v____al prometrium. Its a regular 200 mg prometruim tablet but i am to insert it v____ally every night before bed. Anyone have any experience with this... should i worry?


snickelfritz - February 8

knpandrews, that's what I'm taking. It is a bit strange until you get used to it. Basically, what I do is wash my hands before going to the restroom. Then, I pop the pill in and use my finger to push it up as far as I can. Then, of course, I wash my hands again. You definitely need to always wear at least a panty liner as you will have all sorts of gross discharge from it. How often are you taking it? I'm taking it 3x a day.


JacksMom - February 8

I took progesterone from about week 7 to week 12. I now have a healthy 2 month old baby boy. Good Luck!!


knpandrews - February 9

Hi Snickelfritz. I am taking the prometruim 200 Mg. 1 X daily in the evening. I dont have discharge from what i can tell and the pill does not come out. So i am just hoping that it is doing what it suppose to down there. I did have another question though... about my b___sts. Yesterday they were extremely sore. Today they are not really sore at all. Is this normal. I am just at about 5-6 wks. HCG normal on blood test on Tues. and Progesterone was 8.88 should have been 10. Is it normal for the b___sts to be sore one day and not sore the next? Please help. So worries about M/C again.


snickelfritz - February 9

kp, if you're only taking it once a day, your progesterone isn't too bad. That's a good thing. Also, symptoms come and go during the first trimester. Try not to put too much weight on them. Although it's nice to have morning sickness because it lets you know things are going on in there, don't panic if you don't have it. Same with sore b___sts. It's good to only have to take that pill once a day before bed because you don't have to deal with the discharge! I have to insert it in the morning before work, in the afternoon AT WORK, and before bed. I've got tons of gross discharge! There's really nothing we can do but trust that things will happen the way they're supposed to and there's nothing we can do to change that. I hope things work out successfully for both of us! Keep me posted on your progress!


kristenb9 - March 9

wow, im so glad i found this its helpping me stay calm, i was just put on prometrium yesterday , i cant remember what my level was but im about 5 weeks along and my ultrasound yesterday at first scared me because they only see a yoke sac and a gestational sac that messures 5 weeks 1 day. i shuld be 5 weeks 4 days but i know the 4 day diffrence isnt that big and can be do to calculation error. but im more hopeful now that i wont have another miscarriage (i had one in november)


cmburris1014 - March 10

Kristenb9.....I'm 5 weeks 1 day today and my progesterone was 9.9 last week and they started me on the prochieve 8% I had an ultrasound yesterday and they just saw the yolk sac......I had another blood test to check my levels and I'm expecting the results on Monday. I have another ultrasound this Friday. I had a miscarriage in Nov too


zachsmom - April 10

Hi All, Well I am really glad to hear that I am not the only one going through this. I m/c in Nov and Jan. Now 8 weeks and 5 days, started with 200 mg 1x per day last week, hopefully will keep everything in line. Had an ultrasound at 7weeks 1day (just to figure out dates) and appeared to be healthy fetus with 162 heart beats per minute. good luck to you all.



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