Help Nervous And Excited About Possibility

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Bree - July 21

I am a 22 year old female and I had unprotected s_x on the 1-3 days of my period last month and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant. I am very nauseous, lightheaded, period-like cramping, and a slight headache. My period is due to come about 2 days. Does anyone think I could be pregnant besides me? Oh! And I also threw up.


jan - July 21

hard to say, although the nausea is intriguing. Have you felt like this before? I remember I felt cramping during the first month, before I knew I was pregnant, and felt kind of under the weather so to speak. My best advice would be to see if your period comes, and if it doesn't, take a test. Or I think you could take one of those tests that say you can take it before your missed period. I do know however that it is NOT impossible to get pregnant during your period.


Bree - July 21

Jan- I have NEVER felt like this before. The nausea is very new to me and I'm trying to figure out what else it could be, but I haven't done anything that I wouldn't normally do. I don't know, all I can say is that I just don't feel like myself. I've been urinating nonstop all day, but I think that it would be too soon for me to be experiencing that if I were pregnant.


Linds - July 21

Bree- it is def. possible to get pregnant while on ur period...i did. i am 19 weeks now and i dont remember having many symptoms besides a missed period before i took the test...i was thing i do remember is eating A LOT which suddenly disappeared when morning sickness hit, but more than anything i was tired!!! good luck!


jan - July 21

I definately started urinating a lot more frequently in the first month, but I just figured it was because of my strange new symptom of being thirsty all of the time. I didn't really even think about the possibility of being pregnant, but now I am happily 26 weeks. So no its not too soon to be experiencing that. another thing to look out for is sore b___sts, another symptom I ignored. All I can say for sure is that you know what is normal for you and if you feel something is definately different, I would get it checked out if you can.


dayi - July 22

buy a pregnancy test in the dollar store test and lets see what can hapen they are acurate and 1 dollar and keep us posted plz we will like to know i was like that at the beggining of this week because i was using the pull out method and diren't know if it work i was 3 day late bought the dollar test came out negative the next day i got my you should test i had no sign in getting my period no crams nothing i was hungry very nauseous tired but i think your mind pays a big roll on this


Bree - July 31

Hey all, thanks for all your responses! I got my period a couple of days after I posted my ?. I don't know where all the symptoms are coming from all I know is it hasn't stopped. The nauseated feeling leaves and comes back again. At a cookout today I was so hungry until I actually got my food and then I was so overcome with wanting to throw up it was crazy! I guess i need to go to the doctor and see what the problem is. Thanks guys :-)



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