Help Pg Ladies What Did Your Cm Look Like

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KimmieB008 - February 21

I know this was probably asked about a MILLION times, but I am not really too sure what the answer is. My cm is in large amounts-- TMI ON THE WAY--- It is clear, jelly-like, with traces of a little shade of yellow in it. When I say it is is HEAVY. When i made a bowel movement, it just kept coming out. It was gross. Sorry for the TMI. The only thing is only heavy at is not constant. But then it will happen again later. I am still wet inside, but not heavy coming out....until another show.... I don't know. I just wanted to know what all of the experienced pregnant ladies experienced. Let me know....PLEASE HELP!!!


KimmieB008 - February 21



KimmieB008 - February 21



xXx-Lesley-xXx - February 21

Whats Cm?


KimmieB008 - February 21

cervical mucus


xXx-Lesley-xXx - February 21

Ohhhhh, thank you! Well mine was slimey wih traces of blood in it. I lost mine 4 weeks before I had my first child, 1 hour before having my 2nd and with my 3rd I was losing bits of it over the weekend. Had him 5:24am the Monday morning.


Sissy - February 21

I am 11 weeks pg, my cm is similiar to fertile cm, kinda stretchy eggwhite almost consistency, it was my first sign I was pregnant with this one and I also had it when pg with DD. It kinda makes you feel like you have started your period, stays "wet"down there. Are you pregnant?


KimmieB008 - February 21

Congrats to both of you....thanks. I really wanted to find out the truth...THE TMI truth. hahaha. I am not sure yet. I think so. I haven't tested yet. I am waiting until my husband gets back from his business trip to test. :) I am nervous. I am not due until the 27th. I missed my period last month though. So crossing my fingers.


KimmieB008 - February 24



Tanna - February 25

S you mean just discharge in general while pg? Mine is alot like you made yours sound actually. Also, why do some people just out of the blue say "bump"??


Lin - February 25

Tanna, they say that to bump the thread up to the top of the queue. Lesley, she was asking about cervical mucous, not a mucous plug. Kimmie, I'm due for AF on the 28th and am having weird cm, too. Mine isn't like ewcm, though, it's more like yellowish sticky boogers. I'm not sure if I've just never noticed it before or if it's really different. It's normally kind of creamy before AF. I'm currently 13 dpo.


Tanna - February 26

Ohhh, now I get the "bump" thing. Thanks! LIN, mine is also at times the way you describe.


Lin - February 26

I'm really starting to think that I'm definitely not pregnant and that I've just somehow missed out on the strange cm before. I just don't feel pregnant and actually feel very much like I'm going to be seeing AF in a couple days. This really sucks, too, because my hubby will be out of the country next month at O time. :-(


KimmieB008 - February 27

Well, my period is supposed to be due tomorrow....We shall see. Not to be even more nasty...but who cares.( we are all ladies) While in the sack with the hubby tonight, the CM or whatever you call it was all over him. We used a condom tonight too just in case I got my period. ( i am real weird about that...hahaha) But yeah. It was just keeps on coming. It is a lil embarressing though. LIN-----, why don't you think that you are preggo?? And TANNA---how far along are you???


KimmieB008 - February 27

OHHHH---and at dinner tonight....I made a run for the bathroom because I thought AF was showing her ugly face---but nope, just another gross CM. NASTY!!! What is going on with me??? I know it isnt an infection, bc it doesn't hurt or have an odor??? Is this a def preggo sign? or is my body going nuts???


Lin - February 27

That sounds promising! Well, I guess you'll know soon enough if you're due for AF tomorrow. Are you going to test tomorrow? Please keep us updated! I don't think I'm pregnant, because I just don't feel it. Even though I haven't had cramps, I still just feel like AF is coming. I can't really explain it. I guess I'll know in a few days, too. I'm 14 dpo, and my luteal phase is 15 or 16 days, so I'm due on Tuesday or Wednesday. I really do expect to see the witch. Good luck to you! I hope it's your month!


KimmieB008 - February 27

Well, I am not too sure exactly if I will get my AF anyway because I recently stopped the pill, and the AF has been all messed up. So I am not going to test yet. I am not sure if my AF is 28 days anymore. You know??? Oh well....still crossing my fingers. :)



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