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CAR - March 27

My first Dr. appointment is on Thursday. I am excited and nervous, but just wondered what they do? Should my husband come with me? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks and congrats to all of you preggos!


AmyF - March 27

My husband didn't go with me on my first visit because all they do is draw blood and you do paperwork. No big deal. The 7 week appt ( or whenever they do the u/s) is the one he should be at.


lilmama - March 27

loads of paperwork and medical history questions, a pap if you are due for one. Blood work, measure your stomach listen for heartbeat. I think thats about it. Its really no big deal till you get to the ultrasound, like amyf said. Best of luck and congrats. Oh- you may want to make a list of the questions youve been thinking of to ask your doc, because you will probably forget if you are anything like me!


CAR - March 28

I will be 8 weeks when I go. Should I expect an ultrasound, or is that unusual? Thank you so much for your help and advice.


Maleficent - March 28

at 8 weeks they might do an ultra sound, you can call and ask. i always went to the hospital for U/S, so it was an entire different appointment. you might want to call your mom and find out if there is any family history of diabeties, heart conditions, etc that you don't know about. and i second making a list of questions, i always forgot what i meant to ask. and don't panic if you don't hear the heart beat, alot of the time it's not detectable till a few more weeks down the road. good luck at your appointment!


Jamie - March 28

I was already 10 weeks when I found out I was pregnant - my first appointment, they did a Pap, a pelvic, drew a lot of blood, and did a urinalysis - they also listened to the baby's heartbeat. My husband had come along, and good thing he did - he started crying when he heard the heart!


D - March 28

My first appt was mostly paperwork too... but my husband came along anyway. He wanted to know what they would say, and figured he'd remember the 90% I'd forget!


Sindel - March 28

my first appt i had to do paperwork, a pap test,urine & blood work, and the ultrasound w/heartbeat.. but ive had a previous ectopic pregnancy.. so thats probably why i had the u/s right away. Maybe calling and asking what to expect might help especially if you've had problems in the past.


CAR - March 31

Thanks, everyone! My appt. is today, so I'm headed out the door w/ my list of questions in hand. The woman I spoke to at the front desk didn't know all they would be doing, that's why I wrote. Anyway, thanks for all your help. I'll keep you posted!



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