Help Am I Still Pregnant

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lgamble - March 3

Hiya. i think that i around six weeks pregnant. ive had a pos test. but i feel fine, the same as every other day. i have not had any signs of pregnancy for over a week. does this mean im misscarrage?


somedaymom - March 3

lgamble.. no, I don't think so. Some women have missed miscarriages in which the pregnancy symptoms they had disappear but that's not what you're experiencing. But generally just because you feel fine doesn't mean you're having a miscarriage. It's normal to not "feel" pregnant because your not showing or don't have symptoms but many women go through pregnancy feeling "fine" and have very few symptoms. Don't worry ,I'm sure you're fine. If you have strong feelings about it then get in touch with your dr. You'll feel better talking to him/her. Good luck..


skylersmom - March 3

im pretty sure if you have a miscarriage, you will know it. when i had one years ago, there was alot of bleeding and bad cramping. if that does happen, go to the ER.


M.A. - March 3

I never felt pregnant with my first baby. The only reason I knew was that I missed a period, got sick one time, and my tummy was getting bigger. Other than that, I felt nothing out of the ordinary as far as preg. symptoms go.


nenny - March 5

no i didnt really feel pregnant with my first son until i was 3 to 4 months pregnant so dont worry. When you go to the doctor one of the first thigs they do is checked the babies heartbeat so look foward to visiting your doctor.


denisejuly66 - March 7

please has anybody got any ansmers for me i am 5 weeks pregnant but the spreness i had for a couple of days in my b___sts has worried as 6 months ago i had a blighted ovum and lost that symptom then as not feeling sick just visiting the loo often has anybody lost soreness in their b___sts so early on and still been pregnant i am going to see my specialist tomorrow and i am dreading it again



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