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nonk - March 5

Hi, I am 21 weeks pregnant, I visit the dr yesterday and she told me everything is fine, the baby is growing, I can even hear my baby's heartbeat, and my ultrasound was normal..until today, when I went to the bathroom and wiped myself clean, i saw what looks like a little bit of blood, but it does not look heavy or red, what could that be. I called the dr and they said I shouldn't be worry unless it happen more than once, then I should call them back..have anyone experienced this before..I really worried


Laura - March 5

I am 12 weeks pregnant but haven't expireced that. But I have heard that having a little blood down there is common. I would worry to much about it, expecially if your doctor didn't have you come in asap. Good luck to you


Misty - March 5

From things I read it could have been that your cervic was irratated. Maybe from something the night before? :) I would only really worry if it gets heavier or is accompanied by cramps or is bright red. I know how scarry it can be, hope everything goes well for you. If it helps the percentage of having a miscarraige drops drastically after you hear the babies heartbeat.


Michaela - March 5

I'am too 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant.I too expericenced that.I went to the doctor and it was my uterus expanding and my cervix being irrated (why I don't know).They said it was normal, as long as I didn't have and cramps (like period cramps) but that was at 20 weeks (last week)


E - March 6

I had placenta previa, at the same number of weeks as you are. I found out due to v____al bleeding. Keep an eye on it and if it increases, be persistant with the doctors. They can do an ultrasound to find out the location of your placenta. In the meantime, you may want to avoid intercourse. I am surprised that they do not want to see you to rule out PP. If you do have that, there are special precautions that need to be taken.


autum - March 6

i am not pg right now, however when i was pg with my son, i bleed around the same time, but mine was bright red. they checked everything out and was just cervix irratation. good luck



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