Help Before I Go Nuts

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sarah513 - January 2

Okay, here's the story. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years and are having our first child. I am now entering my 7th month and I've been incredibly stressed during most of the pregnancy. I have so much stuff going on right now and it doesn't help that I'm extra paranoid and don't trust very many people. So, here we go.. this is the biggest problem I am having right now. An ex "friend" that works with my boyfriend is telling everyone that he is cheating on me with a cashier where he works. I don't believe that he would hurt me that bad but it is very hard to hear especially when I am pregnany and my self esteem is so low. I know that he talks to this girl that he is supposedly cheating on me with because they have known eachother for quite a while through a mutual friend. But many ppl at his work think that my ex "friend" is just blowing this situation out of proportion. I have a very hard time trusting a lot of people because of stuff that has happened to me in the past so this really doesn't help me. This whole pregnancy thing is hitting him very hard so it just worries me that he will leave because this is so stressful. Should i be worried? We have been together so long and we are good together, it's just that this ex "friend" of mine doesn't believe we are good together so she is trying her hardest to break us up. She has had a miscarriage before and cannot have any kids now so I am just wondering if she is just jealous. I need some advice.. I don't know what to do.. Is it normal for me to be so paranoid? Or do I have a serious problem??


Emy - January 2

Hey Sarah, I am sorry you are having more stress added on to an already stressful pregnancy. Listen to your gut and not your anxiety. Your gut tells you that he would not do this to you and you are most likely right. When you say that this ex friend is telling everyone, what do you mean by everyone. Sometimes just looking at who the audience is can tell you a lot about the validity of a statement. Also, you are probably right that this pregnancy has taking a toll on him, and the last thing he needs is to be accused of cheating - so please don't let your anxiety get the better of you in a moment of weakness. Just rea__sure him how much you love and need him and tell him that you know it has been as hard on him as on you. If you trust him, than you have to trust him. If HE starts giving you indication that he is cheating, than it is a different story, but if it is just some person spreading rumors, than trust your boyfriend and concentrate on this beautiful life who will enter the world in a couple of months.


Regina - January 2

You know one of the things that p__ses someone off more than anything,is to laugh in there face,when they are doing there best to upset you.Id approach this person,tell her "so i hear your telling people my b/f is cheating on me"Tell her shes so funny and just start laughing in her face.Apparently she is jealous and trying to sabbatogh your pregnancy,probably thinking either you and your b/f will split,or getting you so stressed and upset you go into premature labor and lose your baby.Beat her at her own game.Show her your not bothered by what she says,and make it obvious she has no affect on you.



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