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lalala16 - September 10

So you all know my story about having my last period start on 8/17 and being raped on 8/22 and then having s_x with my fiance on 8/30. I have been testing pretty much every day since my period varies between 28-35 days. If it was 28 some HPT's claim to test positive by now. ANYWAY, tonight I took a First response early response test and after a few minutes I could see a faint line, I mean really faint, like it only showed because it was wet. then after 5 minutes it was gone. I went out and bought a clear blue digital that claimed to test positive as early as 5 days before your period is due and that was negative, as well as a publix brand. Could this mean I'm really pregnant or are chances are it was just damp and not really there? PLEASE HELP!


clindholm - September 11

I know the tests claim to be able to pickup a pregnancy early, but it really depends on the amount of hcg you would be producing if you were pregnant. If the line you saw went away within 5 minutes, I don't think it was positive. Check the directions to see how long you have to wait to read the test (usually not over 10 minutes) but a positive normally does not fade or disappear.


Malica - September 11

Always follow the test's directions and read the result only within the window they suggest. Trying to interpret the results too early or too late gives inaccurate results. Even with the most accurate HPT's, it can take some women up to a couple of weeks late before they get a positive result. If you think you've been having any symptoms, it would probably be best to just go to your doctor and ask for a blood test -- they are far more accurate and would help put your mind at ease.


mustangca__sie - September 12

Also to add to the other responses, it depends when you ovulate. If you ovulate14 days or earlier from your period then you might have more of a chance to get an early positive. But if you ov late, you might not get a positive until a couple of weeks after. they only say that you can test "from" 5-7 days befor e a due period. If you ov 12 days before your period like I do, Implantaion is extremely unlikey to occur AND be producing HCG 5-7 days before my period was due. Phew!



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