Help How Long Does Breast Engorgement Last

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Jen - June 21

Hi, does anyone know how long my br___ts will be engorged for? I nursed my son and I am now 6 weeks pregnant again and my doc said to stop now. But I am in sooo much pain...they're monsters!!! I can't fit into a bra and I look hard as a rock-please help...when will it end!!!!! It's been about 24


JenniferB - June 21

All you can do is put warm and cold cloths on them to ease the pain. You should stop nursing your son gradually not cold turkey. The engorgement is worse when you stop suddenly. Just watch for blocked milk ducts, it can cause an infection. Good luck. I feel for you.


Jen - June 21

Do you know how many days it will take for it to dry up? Or, does it just vary? I have been weining him for a while-he'd only nurse at night-so now I have just stopped. I hadn't thought that they'd get this big and sooo painful!


L - June 21

When I stopped...I become totally engorged as well. I would hop in a hot shower several times a day (sometimes in the middle of the night! depending on the pain) and express a little milk with my hands until I became comfortable. The process took approx a week and I had plenty of Advil on hand. Best to you!!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 21

It took me about 2 days for the engorgement to end. Not a fun process, but you can ease the pain by expressing some milk before they fill up completely. Cabbage leaves placed over your b___sts are supposed to help a lot too. Hang in there. :o)


KM - June 21

it took me 48 hrs, I had it BAD.the nurse i had said she had never seen it that bad..ouchhh.took 3 wks or more for my milk to dry up.DONT express milk, it will just stimulate milk production and you will stay engorged longer.COLD cabbage leaves in your bra, use these, and take advil.


JenniferB - June 22

Jen, how are ya doing? Is it any better today? I forgot about the cabbage leaf thing. Most people only take a few days to dry up. My sister in law took a couple of weeks. Hopefully, it will be quick.



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