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unknown - April 21

is it normal for u to feel depressed for no reason at all then be happy rite out of the blue when ur pregnant?


Alicia - April 21

I feel that way everyday...I wake up feeling sad and for some reason guilty for all the things I've done in the past...then by the afternoon or evening, I'm fine and happy as can be...I think it is just least I hope it


Misty - April 21

Most likely it is just hormones. But if what you are feeling is severe you should talk to your doctor. There is probably a medication you can take to balance out a bit. My moods fluctuate quite a bit, but they don't go to depresion. If that is where you are talk to your doctor. GL


April - April 21

I think it's normal... I was eating lunch with my cousin one day and out of the blue I just started crying and had no idea why... pregnancy hormones do crazy things!!! but misty's right.. if it's severe then you should definately talk to your doctor... or even a counselor... sometimes it helps to just have someone to talk to


leslie - April 21

Is it also normal that when you are depressed you keep thinking about deadth? When I get depressed i always think about my family dying and also about how much this baby is going to suffer when I die..or the other way around..I know it sounds very weird..I hate feeling this way..someone tell me this is normal..


Misty - April 21

I haven't felt depressed in a while. But I do think about death sometimes. Like the fact that my dad is a cop. I wonder sometimes if he were to die how my mom would handle it, IF she would be able to handle it. When my son was little I worried almost obsesivly(sp) about the SIDS thing. I would actually wake him up sometimes if he was sleeping very still just to make sure he was still with me. So I guess to a degree it is normal to think about it. Depression is a strong word though. I would really consider talking to someone if you feel depression that won't go away. I've been there, it helps to have people to talk to.


leslie - April 21

oh, Misty for some reason I think I am just going to be like you.. About waking up the baby to see if its still ok...and that gets me very nervous...I hate to think that I am going to be worse than now..scared all the time and overprotective



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