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adensmama - June 19

I started my period Nov 27th 2005, and ended Dec. 2nd...Was Dec. 4th a fertile day that i could have got pregnant on?


j. - June 19

hun, we are in June. What happened between December and now??


soimpatient - June 19

Yikes...that's a scary though!


j. - June 19

i know....that's what i'm trying to figure out..?


HannahBaby - June 19

i think shes just trying to figure out what day she got pregnant....if she got preg in december shes due in september


j. - June 19

okay that makes more sense. she wasn't specific. and besides why in the world would she be trying to figure out the day she got pregnanty six months later?? i hope this girl is okay!


Rhonda - June 19

sounds kind of weird.


KLT - June 20

Does it really matter what day you got pregnant? The first day of your last period was Nov. you count from there....when you go to the doc..thats what they ask you...then he/she figures your due date from there...


adensmama - June 20

it is a long story...and it sounds really bad so i didnt want to be specific. Dec. 4th i was with an ex b/f which was a VERY bad mistake-and it was only a one night thing....but then a few days after me and my b/f made up and got back together then jan 8th i found out i was pregnant!


LadyD - June 20

No, it was too early for you to be fertile. Actually, all women are different and usually ov mid cycle, but again the answer is more than likely no, you were only on cd9. How long is your cycle?


adensmama - June 20

Well it's very weird cuz i was on the pill for the longest time & always had short cycle..i would start the last sun of the month and be done by that fri or sat so sometimes they were more like 30 days rather then 28. The doc says i am 29 weeks and two days tho so wen i count back that goes rite to dec 4th!


adensmama - June 20

I get along with both of the boys so that's not really the problem. It's just that one is more of a "rebel" then the other and it sucks not knowing this whole time who the father is, but the one i've been with since i found out has been there for me this whole time no matter what. I just wish there was some way i could have a better idea of what day i got pregnant on.


Rhonda - June 20

Well if you plan on being with your current b/f.then why dose it matter?If he will make a good father and the other guy is more trouble prone,then just leave it at your b/f is the father and be done with it.There is a saying that goes like this"Any man can be a a father,but it takes someone special to be a daddy"


adensmama - June 20

Thanks..ur very true and i know he will be that special guy in Adens's just bothering me not knowing and i wish i had more of an idea...i only have ten more weeks to go though so i guess i've waited this long i can wait it out a little bit longer!



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