Help Me Find A Name

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Charity - October 11

I just found out I'm having a girl. We decided the middle name would be Chelsie. His mother had a still born and her name was Chelsie Lynn. I like Faith but he says no. Any suggestions?


M.A. - October 11

Lynn is a beautiful name. The whole name is great. But I wouldn't name the baby after a stillborn baby. If you don't mind, here are some suggestions. Marie, Page, Anne. Just a few. I like Faith too.


Hrmmm... - October 11

How about Chelsie Anne? I guess this depends on the last name too though lol. Chelsie Marie? Naming children is soooo hard!!! LOL... good luck! Let us know what you come up with!


M.A. - October 11

CHARITY, Could you tell us what the last name will be? It'll really help.


Chelsey - October 11

Seeing as how, my name is the same, can I just point out how much I hate that name! (Then again, nobody likes what their name is!) For a middle name, Chelsie is alright, but hard to fit with a first name of any sort. I've been trying to put myself in your shoes, and thinking that if my middle name was Chelsey, what would I like for a first name? Honestly, I haven't came up with anything! Madison? Meghan? Danielle? aarrrgggghhhhh, sorry, its too hard!


HH - October 11

Ava Chelsie? Laura Chelsie? Anna Chelsie? Cora Chelsie? Allison Chelsie? Good luck!


chrissyj - October 11

Lauren,Alissa,Cameron,Kayla.Congrats!!!Good luck w/ your preg.


HELP ME FIND A NAME!!! - October 12

We are not married yet but the baby's last name will be Morehouse. Thanks for all your suggestions I'll share them with Chad.


A - October 12

Chelsie Deanne, Chelsie Kristine, Olivia Chelsie, Lydia Chelsie...


Gemma - October 14

Angel, Teegan, Machaela, Alanna, Eva, Shanika, Erin, Erica, Kiya, Sienna, Leanne, Rhiannon or Suzanne.


C - October 14

Emily, Erin.....that's a hard middle name; you almost need to stick with a vowel or easy sounding consonant for the first name


Gemma - October 15

To annoyed. Have you actually got any kids and if so what are their names.


Charity - October 15

I really appreciate all of your suggestions. Today we're supposed to go register a babies r us and I'm gonna pick up a baby name book. Hopefully we can find something we agree on. I'll let you know what we decided. Thanx ladies!!



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