Help Me Please I Am Soo Scared I Am 16 And Pregnant

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ma-ma - April 16

I am scared. I am either 5 or 6 months pregnant and I still haven't been 2 a doctor or told my parents. what should I do? Please help me. I am sacred because my mom asked me and I just got really upset and started cryin nd it hurt her. Lately she has been telling me that she trust me and she is srry for making me feel bad. If I tell her I know it will hurt her soo bad. What should I do. Where can I find a doctor inSouthJersy so that I can get an exam w/o my mom knowing? PLEASE HELP ME?


FF - April 16

sweetie, i know it must be hard for you, but you need to tell your mom.. one of my best friends got pregnant when we were 15 and her life was miserable until she told her parents. it wasn't easy for them to accept, and it sure wasn't easy for her to tell them, but afterwards it turned out ok. actually we are 24 now and she is married with four beautiful children. aside from the fact that you need the support of your mom, you also need to see a doctor for your safety and the baby's sake. please talk to an adult you trust, ok? god belss.


Moocher - April 16

Please tell your mother or someone you can trust. It's very important that you get support from other people and proper medical care. Your mother will find out eventually and she'll probably be even more hurt if she thinks you can't turn to her in times of need. She maybe shocked or angry to begin with, but she'll get over it. Your her daughter and she loves you. She'll want to help you I'm sure.


shew - April 16

at this point, you need to tell your mother. You are too far along to have an abortion, or hide it any longer. You need help, and the BEST person to help you is, believe it or not, your parents


lm - April 16

My heart goes out to you, baby, but you have to tell your mom no matter what, but most important of all YOU MUST SEE A DOCTOR ASAP. I'll keep you in prayer.


April - April 16

you know... I was scared to tell my mom too... but she took it sooooo much better than i thought she would.. she was actually happy!! she says what is done is done... it's not like you can take it back... and she is THRILLED to be getting a granddaughter... so just tell your mom.. you'll feel a whole lot better once you get it out... and make sure you GET TO A DOCTOR ASAP!! you want to make sure that baby is getting proper prenatal care... because if you don't, you risk not having a healthy baby.. and nobody wants that! oh... and i'm pretty sure you can get an exam without your mom knowing... because of the doctor/patient confidentiality... i got on birth control at 17 without my parents knowing... so even if you can't tell your mom, make sure you schedule that doctors appt!


Joan - April 16

You need to see a doctor. It's too late to get an abortion but there are so many options out there for you. My little sister went through the same thing at 16 and my little nephew is now 8. With a ton of support she was able to finish school and now is almost finished with her bachelors degree. Tell your mom and see what she does. At first she'll be very dissapointed but you need help. Also, there are so many other options out there. There is open adoption which could be good for you if your family is not there for support in keeping the baby. There are so many great people that can't have a baby and would love to give your little one all the love in the world. That's what my sister kind of wanted to do until my mom really wanted her to keep him and said she'd help. Good luck and everything will be fine, you'll see.


Kaz - April 17

Hi Ma-ma. It sounds like maybe she already knows and is trying to rea__sure you that you can tell her. Please do, you'll feel better, she's your Mum and is probably feeling like she's let you down as much as you feel you've let her down. Take care and I'm keen to know how you go. All the best


jj - April 17

I went through the same thing as you girl and always got told that if I came home pregnant I could just pack up and leave, but when it came down to it my parents were really supportive and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for them. Really sounds like your mom already know so just tell her.A mothers love is strong and it sounds like she wants to be there for you so let her for you and your baby. She'll be able to help you with doctors and all sorts of stuff trust your relationship and remember a mothers love is strong. take care and good luck!!


sheena - April 18

I was 16 almost 17 i got preg.I had to tell my mom because i was so scard.I had a misscariage i am now 20 and want a baby soooo bad i am thing about it but still worried about want my mom will think.My dad died in june now my child will not have a grandpa but if i would have had it then he would have!I


Bianca - April 19

I can tell your mum really cares about you. She has already hinted that she knows that your pregnant. She is trying to encourge you to tell her without scaring you off. If your that far in your pregnancy it must be showing. You need to tell your mum. She was young once to and probably went through the same thoughts when growing up. She will be understanding. And after she gts used to the idea she will probably start to day dream about her grandchild.


Jamie - April 19

Hon, it'll be okay - heh - I'm 22 and married, and I was still terrified of telling my mom...we're always afraid of disappointing our parents, no matter how old or young we are. But, in the end, it's really only ourselves we disappoint - as you will learn with your baby, being a mother means you love your child unconditionally - she wants the best for you; give her the opportunity to provide it; for you, and for her grandchild.


jane - April 19

i went through the same thing i was 16 and didnt tell my mum i was pregnant my older sister told her i was 4 months gone ime 24 now and ime so happy my little girls 8 my mum supported me and freinds and family it will be hard at first but you must tell your mum or even someone close to you


Jani - April 26

Okay calm down...its going to be need to tell your mom now so that she can help you get the resources you need. You need to go to the hospital and get checked they can refer you to a doctor you can have. Plus you are under age and not only that but you want to make sure your baby is healthy....i am not saying your baby isnt but you cant accept to go into labor and not have anything....are you with the father or he supporting you....??? him and you should sit down with your parents so that he can let them know what he plans to do...But please tell your mom. you can email at [email protected] Take care


Ashley - April 26

If you want to me @ [email protected]


syn - April 26

hi, u shouldn't need your mom for and doctor. of course i live in canada it maybe diffrent. anyway i just wanted to say that your mom loves u. after all she did notice. so I sugest maybe asking her to go out to dinner. just the 2 of u. tell her u have something really important to talk to her about. then at dinner u can tell her. ( thats what i would do. I know how hard it is to tell your parents but u will feel so much better when u do. Wish i could help u better


amy - April 26

hi mama! i know that you are young, and you are worried about what your mom is going to think, but as we all know it god made us women to be strong and handle the weight of the world, your mom is going to be shocked i am sure, but one other thing i thought of was by telling her you might look more responsible to her and she might respond better than you think. i know that it is such a scary thing, but you really need the support and proper health care. i dont know if your boyfriend has stuck with you through all of this, but if not then you really do need your mom. you will notice when you give birth to your own child how much of a bond is between mothers and children, if you still decide not to tell your mom, then you can always go to walgreens or any local drug store and get over the counter pre-natal vitamins which are crutial to the development of you baby. i really wish you all the best of luck, if you need any further advice, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] dont feel like you have to, but i dont want you to feel like there is no one for you to turn to, becoming a mom is a beautiful thing, and you should be able to share it with someone...i wish you the best of luck, and i hope that you can find the strength to tell your mom. amy



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