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Marie - January 24

Okay, do my period was due Janurary 23rd.Recently I've been having really sore br___t.They were very sore then they would not be so sore and then they would be etc.I've had a some pressure in my adomen like my period wants to come.When should I test? I have a 34-36 day cycle.And, I had s_x on Day 21 and ovulated on day 23rd..hmMm..what do ya'll think?


marie - January 24



Berly - January 24

I would test ASAP. I had the same symptoms and took 3 test all of which came out positive. Good luck to you.


Anna - January 25

I hope this helps. I had brown spottings, than a little of lighter brown with more flow than spottings, but less than my ussual menses. Now its only spotting again, with very dark brown during the day, but when I go to the bathroom, I have some blood clots and thats it. I TOO hope I am pragnant and praying! Even though its time for my menses now, I still think I may be preg., because of my sypmtoms. Before all this started I felt very tired, always sleepy, nauseated, all the smells I loved, they began stinking :) my b___st were inlarged and hurting. (unussual for me during period) I still have these sypmtoms. I am kind of worried, but still hope I am preggers. I went to Planned Parenthood and they told me that it could be an implantation bleeding, or it could be that I am just worried to get pregnant or that a lot of woman have miscariages and dont know.... The test came back neg., so she told me to come back next week to do another one. Because you need to count 10-12 days from your last intercourse (different in every woman). It could be neg. because its too early. I did 3 home tests correctly and they would not show anything pos. nor neg. A friend of mine is 4 mo pregnant now and in the begining of her preg. she had a lot of lower abdomen pain and did a lot of home preg. tests and went to ER almost every other day. ALL test came back negative, but she knew she was pregnant.



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