Help Me W These 2 Gender Rumors

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Beccah - May 17

Ok. I am 11 weeks, so it's too soon to get an ultrasound to determine the s_x, but I have heard two rumors around my rural college town about the s_x of the baby: 1. If you dream about your baby is a boy then you're going to have a boy, and vice versa. 2. (this one sounds absolutely absurd..) If you hold an infant boy and it cries and/or your baby starts kicking, then you're having a girl. If it is quiet, you're having a boy. (boy babies fight with boy babies). Have you heard of either of these? Any experiences w/the dream one? #2 made me question the sanity of the locals around here. Thanks.


Sophie - May 17

I don't know Beccah, but to tell you the truth, I aleays dreamed of having a baby girl when I was pg and guess what? it was a girl, I just knew about it from the moment I knew I was pg and about the other one... I've heard it the other way, if boys pay more attention to you and smile a lot it's bc you're having a girl and if they don't like you it's bc you're having a boy. Anyway nobody knows for sure! Hope it helps.


mom2b - May 17

never heard that , but this morning i had a dream that i delivered a baby boy! letsee, i m in 9thweek


leslie - May 17

about 3 weeks ago I dramt that I was 8 months pregnant and then that I went to sleep and when I woke up that my MIL said this is your baby and it was a 2 year old boy...then I had my u/s a week later and it was a boy!! forgot to mention that EVERYONE told me it was going to be a girl..i knew they were wrong!


Davida - May 17

The old wives tale is that if todler and younger girl babies like you than it's because they can sense the boy in you and if you are having a girl than boy babies will love you! When I was pregnant with my last daughter the boys loved me and the girls snubbed me! Again, it's an old wives tale but it's something fun to watch out for! My mother has always told me that and she's 81! So far, with this one, all the girls are loving me and the boys could care less! As far as the dream theory goes, I've always known that I was going to have girls, I had 3, and with this one I have had 2 dreams of a boy! Hoping to find out with June's us!


Audrea - May 18

I don't believe in any of those old wives tales because they have all been wrong for me. I had a dream in my first trimester that a had a baby boy, my ultrasound says that it is a girl and it has been checked several times and I can really see that she is a girl.


Maleficent - May 18

i dreamed i gave birth to piglets, so no, i don't believe in that wives tale. :o)


Sam - May 18

It's different for everyone. I had a dream I was having a boy and my husband had dreams I was having a girl. We had the U/s and found out its a boy. There's a million of those wives tales. Such as: 1. If you're looking particularly pale, stringy hair, not-at-all-radiant, you're having a girl b/c girls steal their mothers looks. 2. Terrible morning sickness = girl (Yeah right. I had horrific morning sickness.) 3. If you're nose widens, you're having a girl. (What?!) Most of them are just ridiculous. Some lady at the gas station asked me to grab a coffee cup. I grabbed it by the cup (not the handle) and she said I was having a girl. Um, she was wrong.



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