Help Only 2 M Onths Post Section

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Noodle - May 12

hi, im only two months post section, and i think i may be pregnant again. i had failed contraceptive when i fell last time, and my doctor gave me the same pills, and i am a week late. i dont think i want to take a test, im just so frightened. will my uterus split open? whats going to happen? can my body take another pregnancy. i dont believe in abortions, i dont feel i could do that if i am, im just a bit worried because if i am pregnant again, what do i do. im so frightened it will kill me. has anyone any reassuring words. i cant even bring myself to discuss this with my partner.


cattac - May 12

hey, a friend of mine just had her second daughter- her first daughter was four months old when she got pregnant and she is doing great- no complications or anything. You might want to check with your doctor-


snugglybugglys - May 12

Hi I also had a c-section, and I got prego just 3 months after mine, with twins. My uterus was fine. I was worried about the same thing though. I also got prego again after that baby, just 3 months after again. Both times on birth control.


Lynne - May 15

Take a HPT, you might be worrying for nothing. Also, your uterus doesn't start changing right away so you will probably still have time to heal. I think you will be just fine if you are indeed pregnant. But take the test, you may be cause undue stress that you just don't need. Keep up posted. -L


Been There - May 15

Noodle, don't worry. Your body was created to do what's it's supposed to do. That means, the uterus knows it must grow everytime you are pregnant. So it should be fine, even if you are pregnant. I know some other women who got pregnant right away with babies 9-10 months apart. They were perfectly fine. No matter how frightened you are, you won't have an answer unless you take a test. Wait until you confirm and then you can figure out what to do. Best wishes!


Noodle - May 16

ok, i spoke to my previous midwife, and what we are going to do, as i was breatfeeding etc is we are going to wait 2 more weeks, and if i havent had a period by then we will do a test so ill get a good and proper result. thankyou for your help. and i will keep you posted


amber508 - May 16

i was told by my OB that my body could handle another pregnancy right after, and i had a c-section too. Sadly i have to have a c-section all pregnancies, but its better than not having babies at all... I am currently 7 weeks 2 days pregnant with my 2nd... my daughter is 15 months old... i've no problems out of the normal.



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