Help Please So Worried

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M - November 23

Okay, I smoke mariquana A LOT!! I have had s_x (without protection), almost everyday of this month. I have smoked and dranked almost everyday this month also and I popped a pill. I'm now beginning to think I could possibly be pregnant but I'm so worried that I may of killed my baby, I have had no bleeding and minor cramping. I know I'm stupid for doing this and I shouldn't be doing it and I will stop but don't lecture me please just tell me did I kill my baby if I'am pregnant?


karine - November 23

right now, the worse you can do is be worried and all. First thing you have to do is take an hpt. to see if you are pregnant. if your not wait another week to take another test. for from there.


Lisa - November 23

You should find out if you are pregnant first before freaking out.


Terra - November 23

M: Did you think about if you could get preg. since your obviously not using birth control? And you have smoked and drank alot, if you are preg. damage could be done, or none at all.. It just depends


ugggh. - November 23

I hate posts like yours. I half believe they are bogus, because 1) noone could be so stupid and 2) what do you really want - noone can help you. If you did the things you wrote of, you obviously knew the risks, obviously know it was stupid, and HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD WE KNOW IF YOU KILLED THE BABY?????? get a doctor and some common sense for god's sake.


Jbear - November 24

From what I've read, usually anything you've done in the two weeks between conception and implantation won't affect the baby because the baby hasn't implanted yet (at least drinking and smoking). Not sure about the pill, you can look up whatever you took on and see what the risks are. Until you find out if you're pregnant, you should a__sume you are, and stay away from alcohol and drugs.


Chad - November 24

Yes you are stupid. But you need to go to the doctor. And a piece of advice: Stop doing that stupid c___p it will get you NO WHERE!!! Take some pride in yourself.


Lisa - November 24

What kind of pill did you pop?


Shelly - November 24

Even if you are not pregnant,you may realise that this is no way of living.It may just be a wake-up call and turn your life around.Good luck!!


See A Doc.!! - November 24

I wouldn't bother with a pregnancy test if I were you. Go straight to the doctor, and find out from them. You don't have to tell them the urgency of why you want to know. But you should tell them what all you did if you do turn up pregnant!! This is to let them know what kinds of tests they need to take for the baby, and how to take care of you carrying the baby.


See A Doc.! - November 24

My mother-in-law was doing drugs, and into the partying when she was pregnant with one of hers. She didn't tell the doctor what she was doing, and the baby almost died when she was born. She weighed about 3lbs. She was scared if she told the doctors then they would take the baby. The doctors couldn't help her until she told them what all she had been on, and what could be inside the baby. It is very imortant for you to be honest with the doctors!


deb - December 3

i had s_x for the first time yester day and today twice yester day one yesterday i bled like not even a drop just a little little bit when i wip and today i was just woudering if you can get pregnet if you not poped becuase i dont think i am right?


To Deb... - December 4

your post does not make any sense...what the hell are you trying to say? Try using some puntuation every once and while.



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