Help Scans And Bleeding

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OliveUK - November 23

Hello ladies I am new to this site and desperate for answers that I cannot find. I am 8 weeks pregnant (as I believed), my midwife gave my due date of 3rd July, this was worked out on a generic 28 day cycle however my cycle can be anything from 33-37 days! So I thought maybe it was a bit inaccurate. Anyway 2 days ago I started to bleed very off/on and quite light, and brown colour. I went to the hospital yesterday for an ultrasound, they picked up a sac and pole, no heartbeat though but only measured the equivalent of between 5/6 weeks!! So they sent me home and have to wait for ANOTHER week and also monitor bleeding. Next Friday they will do another scan to see if baby died and stopped growing a week or so back or whether baby grown and my dates are wrong! I am so very very upset. Don't know what to think. Part of me says stay confident, it is poss my dates are wrong and baby small etc, but common sense says come on, you are bleeding and can't be 2 weeks wrong with dates...or can I??? I also cannot decide if I still have any pregnancy symptoms, I know that sounds daft. HELP! I will never survive this week. Any advice would be great, I am driving myself potty. Has anyone had any experieneces similar? Many thanks :(


Holly may - December 1

I have had 2 boys.My first i had major bleeding problems all the way through my pregnancy,even after having s_xual intercourse (dont have intercourse at all until it is safe),i had bad blood clots and extreamly heavy bleeding.My 2nd boy it wasnt until about 5months i had some bleeding.All you can do if bleeding seems heavy is lay flat on your back and keep your room cool,do nothing at all but get up and go to the toliet and have your shower,be very carefull as if bleeding starts-take it easy,bleeding can get heavier and this can then make the cervix open,which then if the bleeding gets heavier and the cervix opens this may leed to having a miscarrige.Never use a tampon alway use a panty liner,pad. JUST a little advise to all if you are confused,worried and need answers go to your local libary and get a book on pregnancy.This will help alot with answer you are looking for. Please tell me the last normal cycle date so day 1?I will tell you how far you are.Your dates may be out,try not to get upset and stressed everthing may be allright.Wait till your next scan dont upset yourself.↑


lisey_n_bree - December 1

when i was pregnant with my son, the doctor did and ultrasound and said it was possible my baby was a blighted ovum but he wasnt. sometimes when you know your preggers before the test will show a postive or what have you its not super commen. with this pregnancy i knew i was pregnant.......can't explain . i'll pray that your babys ok and doing well......ooh i have had some spotting too this pregnancy it is very scary!!



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