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bb - September 17

I am now 32 weeks pregnant and i am a bit worried about when I actually got pregnant. My first day of my last period was on the 02/02/2004 so when did I actually conceive, I could nto of got pregnant before this date could I.


Viv - September 17

If you had regular 28 day periods, you conceived 02/16/2004 or 02/17/2004. S_x in the preceeding five days would have left sperm in you to fertilize the egg. When the doc says you are 32 weeks pregnant, however, he is probably counting from 02/02/2004, which is the way they do it. Or he might be going by sonograms, in whcih case they look at fetal development and ignore your reported LMP. Now, if you are thinking for some other reason that you might have got pregnant in January, look to have had s_x in the week leading up to 01/19/2004. Your first pregnancy symptoms would have started in the last week of January, and what you thought was a period 02/02/2004 would have been some breakthrough bleeding which quite a few women have the first trimester. Hope this helps.


bb - September 17

Viv, thanks very much for your advices I think it hepls. I did have s_x in january on the 22nd, but I took the morning after pill on the 23rd then had a period on the 02/02/2004 for 7 days. could this make any differance.


kellie - September 17

yes that could make a difference. I believe you are right where you need to be You and I are Close together when it comes to conception date i concived on 2/15/04 and my baby is due Nov 7/2004 but they said i could go anywhere from Oct 31 to Nov 7th so we will see..Hope you the best of luck


bb - September 17

Thanks you very much Kellie, i am due the november 8th, so you have answered my question and put my mind at rest. Thanks once again and good luck, hope everything goes well for you and your baby.


bb - September 17

one more thing because i had the moring after pill this would staop any chance of me getting pregnant in January wouldnt it


Vi - September 17

It seems to me that the morning after pill and the 7 day period would have reset your clock.


bb - September 18

Thank you very much for your advice. My mind has finally been put to rest.



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