Help With A 2 Year Old

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amanda - October 26

h__lo im a single mother to a 2 year old im 7 months pregnant and about to lose it most days it seems liek i dont know if its stress of being pregnant or what but my child doesnt listen to one word i say well sometimes i know its a bad age but there seems like there is nothing i can do but yell then i feel horrible at the end of the day when he looks like an angel sleeping about the only time haha any suggestions id love them i jsut want to be happy!!!!!!11


S.C. - October 26

Same thing has been happening with me for six years. We found out that it's not our fault. You may want to seek professional help from a doctor or psyciatrist.


Jbear - October 27

My daughter went through a phase like that. She still ignores me if she doesn't like what I'm saying. If I want her to do something, I usually tell her she's not allowed to do it, then let her talk me into it (for example, I tell her she's not allowed to put her toys back in her room, and she says, "mom, please let me pick up my toys). I also take away privilages, like watching TV or going to the playground. Sometimes telling her she can't watch any TV for a day is more of a punishment for me than her, but it's starting to work.


Melissa - October 27

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I have a precious 2yr old stepdaughter who I have helped raise since birth and she can be a terror when feels like it. I can tell her no about a million times when she is in her mood and she will ingnore me. i usually have to physically make her stop whatever she's doing(not spank...but just remove her from the area)If she keeps it up I put her in time out on a little stool in the corner. She thinks it's fun and games until I stand right behind her and refuse to let her turn around. I make sure her face is towards the corner so she can't see the tv or her toys.After she is crying and has stayed there for about 10 minutes I turn her around and tell her that she needs to listen to mommy and be a good firl or else she will have to go in time out again. That usually does the trick and she is a little sweet pea again.....You have to be persistent. I hope that helps.....


kl - October 27

i am 22 weeks pg and i have an alomost 2 1/2 year old at home and she has definately hit the terrible twos...i have found that sending her to her room for 2 minutes seems to work especially since she doesn't have any toys in her room...good luck...they are just trying to find out how much they can get away with


Dee - October 27

I am also having a problem with my 2yr old. Slight bit of difference in problems though, I can't get him to eat. He doesnt eat breakfast, barely eats anything for lunch, on occa__sion I may be able to get him to eat dinner. The Dr actually told me he has gained too much weight, how I'm not sure, other than milk. Any helpful hints or ideas appreciated. Thanks


Chickadee - October 27

Dee- Milk has alot of fat in it, try giving him 2% instead of whole milk and try not giving him as much, he may not be eating because he is getting full from the milk! Hope this helps! .


To Melissa- Amy - October 27

Melissa i think that's a really cruel form of trying to discipline a child, its another form of humiliation making them sit in a corner with their back to you and its not going to give you any results other than taking their self esteem away and making them feel very bad sitting there. I believe you mould a child into what they are. They are born waiting for you to make them who they are. You do have to be persistant and consistant. I believe like jbear that taking away things works better than a hit or a humiliation session. Try talking to your step child melissa, explain to them even why they shouldn't be doing what they are doing. Take things away if they are not going to listen, ignore temper tantrums and tell them when they calm down you will listen to them, in the meantime walk away. I have a child and i was also a pre school teacher and Melissa needs to think about how she is making that child feel at the end of the day by sitting them in the corner. Its similar to the nanny episodes. How they let her on the television is beyond me? Naughty corner, naughty step. What a load! What the heck is the naughty corner going to teach them? Again self esteem issues, to sit there even half an hour by the time they are done they don't even know why they are sitting there in the end. Dealing with the issue at the time, talking, explaining, treating kids as humans not as animals, we tie a dog up if they are eating our washing, its a similar thing, making a child just sit there in punishment, you can explain to kids but you cannot explain to a dog. It's an example as i am not saying to tie up a dog either, just an example. If all else fails then there is their bedroom to think about what they are doing or depriving them of things, theres lots of methods melissa, maybe you should buy some books so you don't scar that child. In addition even saying no all the time is more of an incentive for them to make it a yes. If they are putting their hand near to the fire, you say no and they will do it more. Tell them you will get burnt. consequences follow negative actions and a simple no no no all the time isn't telling them anything. They need to know why not.


Melissa - October 28

Putting a child in the corner is not cruel!.....I think that is acutally funny that you say that. Raising a hand to your child is cruel..not sitting them in "time out". I dont leave her unattended...and after a few minutes when she doesnt enjoy being there...I turn her around and TALK to her about what she did I mentioed in my previous post....maybe not word for word....but I do talk to her. It does nothing to her self is teaching her right from wrong in an effective least for me. I always tell her I love her and give her a big hug afterwards....I'm sorry if you think that is cruel..but there are worse things going on in child abuse...... If you knew this child..she is not humiliated in one bit! =P...and is no sissy! Making her sit somewhere she doesnt like gets her attention and then she focuses on what I have to say...otherwise I would be chasing her around the house trying to get her to stay still..I will stick to this method...because her own mother uses it. Her mother is very child oriented and is a teacher and is a d__n ggod mother..despite other things about her, I have to for your opinion..but unfortunatley I do not share it


Melissa to Bohnwin - October 28

Thanks for the support!..I am happy that we share the same views......good luck and happy child rearing to you!...=)


teigan - October 30

TO MELISSA i totally agree with you about the stool and corner thing, infact at my little boys nursery the naughty boys have a time out chair in a corner and a thinking chair, my little boy has never been on it, but i have seen others onit and it works a treat, well done for not spanking, and been like a proper parent!! there is no need for smacking, other things hurt just as much, like taking favourite toys off them.. i once got my husband to ring my little boy and pretend to be santa.. santa told reece he was very dissapointed in his bad behaviour, and he wouldnt get any presents this year, his att_tude changed over night, might seem harsh but i would rather do that then smack them any day... take care and good luck with pregnancys xxx



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