Help With Conception Dates

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Brown11 - June 13

hello , my question is .. I am due on the 3rd October 2017 if I slept with someone 14th Jan is he the father ? I've looked at conception calendars and it shows conception as 26th December but I'm still confused as to this 


Grandpa Viv - June 13

That due date goes with ovulation Jan 10th following last period starting Dec 27th. Sex Jan 5 thru 11 would be responsible. The due date is most accurate if from an early ultrasound. Later ultrasounds might be off by several days or more.  Sex Jan 14 th could easily enough be responsible. 


Brown11 - June 14

So I am right in thinking when they say the conception date that they actually mean the last period first date 


I haven't had period in a while so I wasn't sure how they did it if that my midwife did it using a dating scan 


Grandpa Viv - June 14

Right. Fetal age is two weeks less than the commonly quoted gestational age. 


Brown11 - June 15

So my intercourse date wasn't necessary before my conception date 


Grandpa Viv - June 15

Intercourse does need to be before ovulation or up to one day after. I assumed your ultrasound might have been off by a few days. 


Brown11 - June 16

They gave me the due date of 3rd October at my 12 week scan how accurate would this be? Was done via a dating scan,  I slept with someone on the 14th Jan as a one off but had been regularly sleeping with another but can't remember which dates I had intercourse with the regular one 


I had asssumed it couldn't be the one on the 14th as conception date was the 26th but as the conception date is my classed as my LMP even tho I don't have periods I'm all confused now 


Brown11 - June 16

I found out on 14th Feb which said 3+ weeks  made me think more it couldn't be the one from the 14th Jan 


Grandpa Viv - June 16

Brownie, the 12 week ultrasound would not be off by more than a few days. You are definitely not pregnant from December sex. If you were with your regular guy in early January either fellow could be the father and a paternity test would be needed. 



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