Help With Girl Names

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LoLo - April 21

Hello~ Ok, so why is trying to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy so hard. Especially when everyone seems to have their own opinion about what you should name your baby. Yeah, I'm talking about the In-Laws. So help!! Looking for some cute girl names. any suggestions? I really want the middle name to be "Charli" so need cute first name to flow. Thanks


Stephanie - April 21

I know the In-Law feeling....:) Lilianna and Jayden...


LoLo - April 21

Thanks Stephanie. Those are both really cute names!


crystal - April 21

I like amya,mariah, and jordan.


TJ - April 21

I like Addison, Carson, Maddison or Camden


Stephanie - April 21

My husbanda and I are getting my IUD out at the end of August and we have choosen our names already. Summer and Trevor. It's nice that we both there will be no name issues!!


Foxy - April 21

Summer's a lovely name! I wanted that one too but my husband thinks it's too weird. :-(


melanie - April 21

summer is a bad name....dont name it after a season...if u do u might as well name it pizza should name it meaghan


Jen - April 21

Don't tell your in laws -- or anyone else, what you are naming your baby! I got talked out of my first pick for my son's name last time. I learned my lesson.


Stephanie - April 22

I suppose answering LoLo's question gave people the right to say how stupid the name my husband and I have choosen, when we have a daughter. Comaparing Summer to Pizza Hut, I suppose I never thought of the similarities. Melanie you should keep your negative thoughts to yourself as no one asked you what names you thought were bad. But anyways, my daughters name is Myia, if anyone may like to use that!!


Mel - April 22

How about Noel? :o) thats what im naming my girl, IF i have a girl that is! here are some other ideas: Renee Angelina Rae


Maleficent - April 22

my mil hated all the names we liked too. we finally told her we named the baby Persephone. lol. she was thrilled when we went with Brielle instead. OK, down to business....if you like Charli for a middle name i would pick something very feminine for the first name to balance it out. i think 3 syllable names sound better with Charli. just an example, Maddison Charli has a better flow to it than Grace Charli.


Foxy - April 22

Lol! That's a good way to get round other people's reservations about the name! Tell them the worst name you can think of and then anything else will be acceptable in comparison. :-) What on earth would you have done if she actually like Persephone though?


NickieDo - April 22

If we have a baby Girl we'll name her Mikalah Renee


Andrea - April 22

My hubby and I were lucky, everyone loved the names we picked for our daughters. We wanted pretty southern names so we chose Savannah Lynn and Alexis Grace. If this baby is a girl we are naming her Taylor Belle. I also really like Elizabeth and Julia


tara - April 22

out of the names suggested here I like Maddison Charli - i think they go well with each other. good luck, this is a hard job that my husband and I are also going through right now.


Truth - April 22

Girl forget the in-laws whos having the baby you of them......ummmmmmmmmi always liked the name Kamiaya,Arianna. Its really going to be hard to find somthing that flows with Charli but when you find on let us know



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